Constipation and pain post surgery

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Good morning dear one going to Golden sunrise to you. I have him in the hospital and just had back surgery. The surgery went well but I’m still in severe pain and cannot walk and then I feel it is from that constipation. I’ve tried the Carrie and evidently I’m not doing it right because nothings occurred please help me. Thank you very much dear one


  • @Pollyanna


    Was wondering no post from you since long time. Take care

    While lying on bed please keep your VK on your abdomen and request to clear bowel with ease or ALL CLEAR SERUM
  • Healing sent for your quick recovery.
  • I’m sorry honey I think of you often. I’ve been quite ill and I’ve had a knee replacement and now back surgery. Praying this one is going to work. I use my vk so often as I can, but I have a great deal of depression and sometimes I just can’t do anything for myself. The constipation did let up lastt night as I was using VK on my stomach as was suggested in another post. They were sending me to a rehab center today. As I’ve had a lot of pain down my leg and they’re afraid the surgery did not help that. So I am just thanking God for everything knowing he will take care of me as well as you guys. Golden sun was to you dear one

  • @Pollyanna

    Dont be sorry dear.
    And We will send you healing. Dont worry all is good. Sometimes Divine gives pain to people who are more dear to him and he knows they still remain strong.

    Just give Gratitude to this pain and move ahead.

    Keep updating your health and progress. GOLDEN SUNRISE Superfast recovery to you. Take care
  • Relax dear, we are going to heal you till you get discharge from hospital. Golden Sunrise to speedy recovery.
  • Healing sent to you with multiple VKs Boost method
  • @Pollyanna

    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Healing sent to you for your super fast recovery and well being.

  • @Pollyanna

    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Healing sent to you for your super fast recovery and well being.

  • @Pollyanna Golden sunrise
    Sending VK energy healing to you for good health
  • Good morning dear ones. Golden sunrise to you. I wish to thank you for all your caring and loving healing. It has worked and the constipation seems to have stopped as you said it would. The pain in my right thigh has not really gotten better, as I can’t exactly figure out what it is. It seems to be like a nerve pain and also muscle spasms. They were putting cold on it all the time, but I changed it to warmth and it has made my day less painful.
  • @Pollyanna

    GOLDEN SUNRISE . Good to hear from you. Are you able to charge water now?

  • @Pollyanna

    Charge your drinking water with this and have frequently every 15 min one sip for nerve pain and recovery


    Apply a cream charged with

    to pain areas atleast twice a day

  • I wanted to share with you my experience with mimicking a Medicine, as I have been using that while in here and I am always blown away how successful it is. However I would like some clarification on exactly what I’m seeing happening.
    I was looking for a muscle relaxer and that might help my leg and I was it was suggested that I use Soma, which I did not have a script for. So I decided to use mimicking and it was incredibly effective. I slept beautifully for five hours. My question is this, as I said mimic the soma with safety and security, does this mean that I would not have the normal side effects of addiction?Would this be safe to use on a regular basis?
    I also need mimicked the use of a pain lotion to cover my whole body that I had run out of. I haven’t decided whether this was affective or not.
  • I just want you guys to know how very appreciated you are. You give your time willingly, freely and lovingly. You are halfway around the world from me and I thank God for you every day. He is a loving and caring God which you show in every molecule of your being.
  • I am learning to take care of myself in a safer manner so that I don’t fall and hurt myself again. And they do therapy with me for 3 to 4 hours a day to strengthen my legs and help me be able to walk and take care of myself. I’ve been a good girl and doing my exercises regularly as I would like to get back to a new life a better life. Your encouragement has been invaluable. Just know you guys are the best. Much love to you
  • I just charged my water and my lotion and will use it as to your instructions. Thank you and good morning to you over there I guess it’s actually good evening.
  • @Pollyanna golden sunrise.God is great.May he shower on you good health.
  • @Pollyanna

    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Thank you for the loving words. Stay blessed.
    Regarding your question on Soma, if you request with safety and security it would give you desired effects.

    Additionally, this is my view that one can request VK to choose the medicine from therapeutic category. I do this way for example

    VK please give energy of muscle relaxant which is best and effective for XYZ to XYZ with safety and security.

    Though i am closely connected to this field, i allow VK's wisdom to choose the best one in request.

    Happy to hear about your progress and confidence.

  • Great idea. I request a lot relying on VK.. I have not had any change in my pain and being able to walk. The doctor says that it is the nerves trying to regenerate as there was a huge rupture as I blew a disc when I fell. He is giving me until the 21st of June and if it doesn’t improve he will have to go in and fuse my back. That’s not a very exciting thing to think about, but I don’t wanna live the rest of my life like I am now. Right now I am on pain pills about every five hours. But when I try to walk my legs let go and I start to fall. Thank you dear ones for caring.

  • Dont worry @Pollyanna , I am sending you healing for few days. You will be fine very soon.
  • Thank you Sir. It is much appreciated.

  • I have not had any improvement in the pain or in my legs. I have decided to go off all pain meds that were making me crazy in the head as I was unable to function or walk. I have been off of all pain meds for two days now and I’ve also had some with drawls from it but I’ve been using the anti-addiction serum as regards the pain meds that I was on to me anyway I was wondering if you could tell me where I can get the most information on psychic surgery as I think this may be my answer. I’m just not exactly sure how to do it or for how long. I assume that I would do it until it’s fixed, but I want to learn The wording so that I know what to say VK to take care of this
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