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Relationship love to marriage

Golden sunrise
What to do if I want my love relationship to turn into a serious relationship and this gets converted into a long term commitment taking it to next level(marriage) where the person himself asks me to get married?
Situation till now is that person claim to love me but when it comes to making commitment and all, he says his family won’t agree to it and all.
Please suggest how to take help from VK so that person takes stand and ask me to take this relationship to next level.


  • @Akki
    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Dear Please give a thought if this person is good for you as a life partner.

    If the person is not ready for commitment now and is not bold enough to take a stand for marital relationship, please ask yourself are you looking for such person as a life partner.
  • Thank you mam...i think i knew this somewhere but sometimes we need to hear this from others once to exactly know what to be done next.
    Thanks much. Golden Sunrise ????????
  • Thank you once again for quick response and guidance as always :)
  • @Akki

    Thank you for your thanks, understanding and responding.

    :heart: You can send LOVE SERUM and GOLDEN SUNRISE to your wish of desired life partner for marriage. Keep the intention of deserving partner who deserves you and you deserve him. Remain in commitment and hold hands of each other in every situation of life.

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