VK SUCCESS WITH GOLDEN SUNRISE and Rising Sun energy, School stage lit up with effulgent blue hue

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Before any important programme in my school I always install huge paintings of Golden Sunrise all around the hall. This makes the students who are performing become more confident and audience more receptive. So for my Earth Day Assembly yesterday - 24th April- I did the same and also install pots of Love Serum all over the Hall. I had got up early to do this and at about 5am I sat down with VK to complete this installation, when I noticed a faint pinkish orange light coming in through my window. The sun was just rising and the sky had become crimson. I suddenly thought why not use the real Golden Sunrise. I requested VK to take the energies of the rising Sun and energise the paintings I had installed all around the stage. I closed my eyes and focused on this thought and I saw the stage light up with an effulgent golden hue. . . The effect of the Real Golden Sunrise was mind blowing. The previous day quite a few people were supposed to help me with a few things but I received no help. Yesterday morning when I went to school those very same people came forward to help me. The Assembly received a big round of Applause,my colleagues were very appreciative and the Principal was so impressed by the performance that he requested me to put up this performance again for Parents Day. Thank you Sharat Sir. We are blessed to have you in our lives. GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts Sir. DIVINE WINGS to you Sir.


  • @carla ji

    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Just amazing !!

    Falling short of words to express about your wonderful experience.
    DIVINE WINGS and GOLDEN SUNRISE to you and all your efforts !!
    Gratitude to Sir for infinite creativity with VK !!

  • Golden Sunrise @carla . Thanks for sharing such a nice experience. Feeling energetic after reading this. Thanks.
  • Wow Wonderland effect,
    Golden Sunrise @carla Ji for sharing this beautiful experience.

  • Woww Lovely experience
    VK with natural Golden Sunrise divine blessing.
    Thankyou for make us part of this beautiful experience.
    Gratitudes @SharatSir
  • Golden Sunrise .Experiment with wonderful idea.... good mental food for VK family members..thanks for sharing..
    If we learn " how to ask " for our desires....
    with VK nothing is impossible.

    Thank you Sharath Sir for a wonderful gift of VK.
  • @carla - How you create pots of love serum ? Its new for me so can you explain about it ?

  • Wow.. It's beautiful carla.. Loving your work .. It really inspired me... Thank you.. Golden sunrise
  • Its wonderfully done @carla.God bless
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