I need your help Sharat Sir for finding a soulmate in marriage

Dear Sharat Sir Golden Sunrise,

Im Dev chugani from Jakarta Indonesia.I really need your help Sir...

Re Marriage…I got divorced in 2010 since then till now I haven’t found my soulmate…

1.I asked people who have contacts for suitable alliances to let me know if there are any…No Results

2.I joined few marriage websites like shaadi.com, bharatmatrimony etc….there were acceptance but it did not last more than 1 or 2 interactions like exchanging messages or even meeting them once (If they are from Jakarta) after that no news.

3.I also did prayers and havan from a few pandits…No Results

4.When I got VK...I started sending requests thru VK...like “attract a perfect soulmate for me now ”,”remove all my hindrances and smoothen my way to find my perfect soulmate now “, asked VK to clear my kundli if there are any hindrances (I used serums ACS,BS and GS), watched your videos to attract soul mate and now even the latest combo videos still no results.Even balance serum also I m taking every day….I created EC and energized it with VK...Nothing concrete as yet

5.The closest thing working with VK doing point no 4 was one sindhi girl from India (I got from the marriage website) she accepted my request we started communicating over the phone and exchanging messages…she came down to meet me and my family stayed a few days and went back after that she didn’t continue further...

I REALLY need your HELP Sharat sir if you can kindly check energetically and let me know where exactly is the problem and also help me with a solution. Where am I stuck? Is it because I have Rahu in my 7th house? Or there are others hindrances…. If you need my pics & kundli kindly give me your email address and I can mail them to you.

My DOB 30 March 1976, Time 8.30 am and Place Jakarta Indonesia.

Hope to hear from you soon sir

Golden Sunrise

Dev Chugani


  • Golden Sunrise Dev,

    Have faith and believe in yourself. With VK just request VK GOLDEN SUNRISE please make way for my best deserving partner for my marriage now.

    Keep the intention that you both should deserve each other as partners in marriage for a happy life and you both compliment each other.

    Regarding your marriage proposal in email below.
    Any woman in 40s would not be willing to conceive for biological reasons. And imagine if you become a biological father at 45 yrs of age. By the time the child is 20 , you become 65. At that time will you be able to support the youngster well or will it be expected from the child to take care of your health and other needs.
    Same is applicable for your spouse, will she be able to cope up with responsibilities of a teenager or young child at 60 yrs of your age.

    So the lady who denied your marriage proposal was thinking fairly.

    At 35 plus, couples usually go for adopting a child. A child brings joy to the family whether its biological or adopted.In this way you also contribute to society adopting a child of say age of 8 to 10 yrs. You would be moving 10 yrs ahead in life with this adopted child.

    People also marry for love and companionship at this age.

    VK did get you proposals but it has been your call to place condition of a child. There was denial with justified reasons from the lady.

    Think about it and maybe if you like that lady you can put your new views to her and propose her again.

    Getting divorced and remarrying ...think it as a new life. Do not get into horoscope traps, create your new life with VK and GOLDEN SUNRISE with a fresh new mind.

    You can watch the video as you feel. Be happy and attract a happy married life.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE blessings to you.
  • Fairly Justified answer.

  • GS Sharat sir,
    Thank you very much for your respond sir...your answer to my question was helpful.

    I have another question sir its re VK...I got VK in 2017 since then till now I cant feel VK s energy...there are few people at my work place who can feel VK s energy...I really wish if I can feel VKs energy like them. I often request VK to synchronize with me physically,mentally,spiritually and emotionally...still I can t feel the energy

    The same goes for VS I got that in December 2018 since then till now I cant feel the energy bringing positive change to my house
    Both my parents they still argue most of the time
    I cant have a sound sleep
    I wake up tired
    There is no peace in the house
    I can t meditate

    Why is it so sir? Is my body not sensitive enough to feel VK and VS energies?

    Thank you sir
    Golden Sunrise

  • @Dave76


    Before we answer your questions, we have a question for you. Please answer these q
    1. How does a VS work and
    2. How does a VS help people??
  • GS Rakhi Mam,
    From what I have read regarding VS its a one stop solution for our house where VS itself is attuned with 48 powerful energies like shield from black magic,evil eye vastu doshas etc.A healthy and perfect home where its filled with prosperity,good health, constant money flow, harmonious,loving relationships, happy conversations, peace of mind and so on.
    So as mentioned above with the installation of VS the people living in that house besides being protected from evil eye,black magic and all other negativity they are also blessed with good health,wealth,peace of mind etc.

    Thank You

  • @Dave76

    One more q does VS work on place or does it work on people directly?
  • VS work on both place and person

  • @Dave76


    Regarding your question on VS.

    VS is a self operational customised healing tool by Sharat Sir which works DIRECTLY ONLY ON THE PLACE.

    The whole article talks about negative energy clearance of a place and creating positive energy in a place.
    VS emits positive 48 powerful energies to a place , for which it is attuned and where it gets installed.

    People staying in that place don't have to do anything for VS to be operational, just that keep it dust-free with wiping with a dry cloth and a free distance of about one foot ahead of it.

    Feeling of energy from VS or any other energy changing modality varies from person to person depending upon the person's mindset, psychic abilities.
    Even if a person is not able to feel energy through VS, VS is still working.

    Sharat Sir has checked energy of your place and its positive. So don't worry about place energy dear.

    If people staying in that place are affected negatively due to bad or undesirable energy of place, BEFORE installation of VS, then after installation of VS, they will NOT be affected by such negative effects or energies WHILE THEY STAY THERE, because VS is working 24x 7 on that place. Negative energies of place is already removed and place is corrected with continued auto supply of positive energies from VS and protected from stated negative energies.

    So if there were negative energy influences in the place and if these energies from the place affected health, mind , relationships, wealth before installing VS , such people will benefit on prosperity, health, harmonious , loving relationships, happy conversations, peace of mind after installation of VS. Of course they need to work or act to be prosperous in all areas of life.

    If the people are still arguing or not at peace even after installation of VS, it can be due to their negative mindset, past failures, past events, other issues like health or finances or relationships. Here you can use VK and relevant Cosmic Serums to achieve desired effects.
    Thats why use of VK and VS is a wonder combination. VS keeps the place positive and VK works for people.

  • @Dave76

    Now on your question regarding VK.

    VK is felt in many ways. But different people will feel it differently. Some may feel the vibrations, some may feel taste in VK charged water, some see coloured lights in meditation or while charging water, some feel in emotions like happiness, success. Some feel in results.

    The basic rule in any healing, don't compare your results with others results when it comes to feeling of VK. Because it varies from person to person and time to time. It varies with people's mindset, internal negativity, psychic abilities and willingness to understand or acknowledge energy change and maybe intensity of evil influences.

    In your case, you had shared an EC for wealth which had around 13 switch word phrases. We had guided you not to use so many switch words. Then you shared more ECs with your name in it. There were 6 personal ECs on Health, Wealth, 3rd eye, Karma, Life Partner and Fear with total 25 switch words/phrases.

    You were guided to read articles on sw on litairian to make ECs.

    Sharat Sir explains in his articles NOT TO USE MANY SWITCH WORDS AS THIS WILL CONFUSE THE MIND.

    Must specially read these 2 articles by Sir


    :heart: Must know that Switchwords were created to use one word to get what you want. Maybe a Switchword phrase of 2 or 3 at the most can be used but I would stay away from using more than 3″. I truly believe that connecting a multitude of words can take away power and focus from the intention of your goal.

    Now if i relate this to the 3 things mentioned in your about posts

    1. Not manifesting life partner
    2. Feeling tired
    3. Not feeling VK


    Here energies with VK manifested a possible life partner for you. The lady especially flew from India to Indonesia only to meet you and your family. This is something really special and admirable that a lady travels across border and she is serious on a matrimonial discussion. Isn't it?
    But probably with your confused state of mind, you missed to know and understand her view points on marital relationship. You probably were more on biological child and she was probably more on companionship, which was fair and justified on her part.

    And if were happy with her action of travelling to your country and meeting her, then you already felt VK through emotions.

    A matrimonial prospect travelling to you from a different country was a happiness to you through VK and if you didn't feel this happiness, it could be most likely because of confusion of mind with too many switch words.

    Your focus is more towards horoscope and past karma, it can be on creation. But with anxiety, fear and confusion, you are probably missing to act appropriately.


    Check on your physical activities, sleep pattern, eating habits and emotional status.
    Find out the reasons and Work with appropriate Cosmic Serum energies.

    Focus on actual solution is missing.

    As you heal other areas and practise meditation, it will give wonderful results.

    :smile: NOT FEELING VK

    I remember your telephonic conversation with me within one month of receiving VK, you mentioned that in the morning you had requested or intended for increased sales in your stores. And till evening you had more than 130% customers who bought and paid the bills at your stores as compared to other days. You were very happy about it.

    This happiness was your VK feeling.

    So don't compare your VK feeling with others. You are unique and special in your own ways.

    With VK, you actually don't need so many switch words. If you are using too many switch words for your self and your family, again this will delay your desired results.
    Your focus on horoscope and past karma correction is taking you away from attracting good things in life.

    You can always use Cosmic Serums and GOLDEN SUNRISE as much as possible for all aspects of life

    We wish you a GOLDEN SUNRISE life ahead. Keep healing with patience and faith in Divine.

  • GS Rakhi mam
    Thank you very much for your wonderful explaination to my query mam

    Re VS
    Thanks to Sharat Sir for having checked energy of my place and result is positive.Thank You Rakhi mam for letting me know...

    Re the girl
    When she was here at that time I had not started using switchwords.

    Re Switchword
    I have made 3 SW for each personal ECs like Health, Wealth, 3rd eye, Karma, Life Partner and Fear..Now the total is 18 SWs...Is that ok mam? Even for my family members Im doing the same.

    Thank you mam
    Golden Sunrise

  • @Dave76

    Use only GOLDEN SUNRISE as switchword. No other sw.

    I beg your pardon but You are not willing to look at the reason of your delays or tiredness. Its mentioned in above post it is probably due to confusion through switch words and or your focus on past karma and horoscope.

    You were not using sw when you met the lady for marriage proposal as you say but when you wrote in email and forum about the refusal by the lady, you were already using the ECs.

    You could still not figure out why she refused the marriage proposal and after Sir replied to you, your focus changed to again questioning on energy from VK and VS.

    Please work on new positive karmas. If you remain stuck in past you may delay results. Keep your focus on what you wish not on past.

    We can only guide you again and again but choice is yours. You are again choosing to remain in past karma by posting same questions again on Karma and EC.

    And as VK user you dont need sw and ECs for fear or karma and such other things.
    just use VK and Cosmic Serums.

  • Golden Sunrise Rakhi Mam
    Yes mam from now on I will use Cosmic Serums and GOLDEN SUNRISE as SW as much as possible for all aspects of life.

    Thank You

  • Master Sharat Golden sunrise.Thank you for scientific explaination to real life events.
    @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher Golden sunrise
    Beautiful explaination on marriage confusion,energy feeling with switchwords and karma.Thanks VK team.
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