No result of physic surgery

Dear sir /mam I have hydrocele and taking physic surgery from the last 4 months but there is no positive effect till now or increasing
Kindly guide me what should we do ?


  • @Sandeep_6564

    You can use ALL CLEAR SERUM and MEN SERUM too.

    How are you doing Psychic Surgery ?
  • I give request to vk do physic surgery of my whole reproductive system and remove hydrocele water ball from my organ and heal me request thru vk 3 times and keep aside for 30 min. For 2 times in a day
  • @Sandeep_6564

    You can do PSYCHIC SURGERY directly for hydrocele affected area also.

    If the hydrocele is big in size the energy need is more.

    You can do this request multiple times in a day. If you have more than one VK you can BOOST the healing.

    Unwanted growths may need multiple sessions of PS depending upon its size. So please do with patience and increase the frequency where nèed is more.
  • Thank you mam I will try as per your guidance but I do not know my vk experience is also not much effective I had also try to sell my property and giving TWS,bs,gs,and pure intention but results are not coming I do not know where I m wrong.but I m optimistic.
  • @Sandeep_6564

    Maybe you are doing healing for all areas where energy requirements is high !

    Do simple healing requests , do small experiments and build your confidence and then switch to other areas.

  • Ok mam thank you very much I will try as per your suggestion then I will share my experience
  • @Sandeep_6564
    Sandeepji do VK process of psychic surgery with more love n helps.

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