Power Booster Videos watching without specific intention

GOLDEN SUNRISE. Wanted to know what will be the result if the power booster videos by Sharat Sir are watched without any specific intention?
Thanks and Regards


  • @VeennaVNegglur

    The mind is set free when there is no specific intention. Most likely to get amazing results
    Try and share your experiences!!
  • Thanks a lot. I love watching these videos so much that it doesn't even occur me to ask for any specific intention.
    Will enjoy intention free Power Booster Video watching.
    Thanks and regards

  • @VeennaVNegglur

    Thats great. Before watching the video, you can also choose to request VK to enhance the video effect


    you can request "VK channelise the video effect wherever required in my life". With its wisdom , VK will do the best for you.

    Since you are a VK user, you can do this also while enjoying to watch without any specific intention.

  • ????thanks and regards
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