VK Energy, experiences during water charging, for cancer patient, knee pain, kidney improvement

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Golden Sunrise! This is the first time I'm going to share my experience with VK. I just received it last week, April 10.2019 (Wednesday). The first time I used VK to charge a bottle of water, I already felt something unusual on the first few rotations on top of the bottle...The feeling is like there's something pushing VK upwards as if there's a "force field" in between the bottle and VK. The feeling is like putting together 2 magnets with the same pole...whereas I am already leaning my hand to it while rotating VK. It didn't matter to me at first because I thought that it might be because of my sense of sight that signals my brain to feel like that. The 2nd time I used VK was to energize the donuts and I felt a stronger same feeling as if I could let go of VK and it will float because my hand was already leaning so hard that it's already relaxed...so I tried to let go of VK and it dropped...I thought it would float...hahaha!...But, I continued to rotate and there goes the "force field' feeling again with occasional bumps being felt as I go over the donuts like waves. That's the time I took it seriously... I tried it with small to big objects and the bigger the object being energized...the stronger the "force field' feeling is. I also tried to close my eyes to see if it may be caused by my sense of sight...yeah...nothing changed...that force is really there...On the first turn I could already feel it...and take note...starting it with my eyes closed. I tried to stop rotating in the middle of the object being energized while my hand holding VK is leaning and yes... it is still there and always there every time. My conclusion is final... VK is alive.ॐ

I want to know who else is feeling the same...if this is the normal for VK... Is this good or not... Please enlighten me...

With regards to my requests to VK... everything is going well. I always ask VK to send SWITCHWORDS/ENERGIES and SERUMS via Direct Request to my nephew who has hodgkin lymphoma cancer with severe pain caused by swolen lymph nodes. I did not tell her nor her family what I am doing to avoid placebo thinking from her. It's only me and my wife who knows it. @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher thought me which SWITCHWORDS/ENERGIES and SERUMS to send and yeah...slowly her pain lowered down...intake of pain killer medicine decreased... now only being taken once a day from 6 times a day before...she and her parents can now sleep longer and smoothly without needing to wake up or stay awake late at night to monitor her pain. This helped her to gain strength and positivity...now she could stand up on her own which left them wondering how that happened...Me and my wife continued to keep it a secret while we are so thankful to VK and so delighted. This day she's starting her chemo and I'll continue to help her with VK.ॐ With my Mommy, VK is working it...her knees are getting better which made her appreciate VK so much. My Daddy is on dialysis for 7years already and VK is doing its wonders too. He's feeling greater than ever. Me, my wife and my kids...Yes!...It's always a GOLDEN SUNRISE!ॐ and I am sure this will continue for the rest of our lives for VK is with us.ॐ

Thank you to Lord Ganesha ॐ for showing me the Litarian Family and be a part of it. Thank you to @SharatSir for the best gift ever...VK! Thank you to all the VK teachers for all the kindness and never ending effort to help. I am so blessed to be here and I love this family. Golden Sunrise Litarian Family!ॐ Namaskar.ॐ

More updates to come...ॐ

                                                                               Jai Ganesha!ॐ


  • @JadeMS3

    Wow. Amazing experiences in one week of VK. Congratulations !!

    Regarding your feeling of force while rotating VK to charge things, it is a feeling which is felt by many VK users.

    While charging things, if you feel that repulsive force, its a n indication that VK has finished charging that thing with that particular energy which you requested.

    In fact from Day 1 , i never count rotations, with the feeling of force VK gives me a signal that it finished charging !

    Some VK users who are very sensitive to energy changes may feel this repulsion. Even if its not felt, its ok. VK is following your request anyways. Thats the beauty of it.

    Some people may feel the force, some may get an indication from within, some VK users see different color lights while using VK. It is the connectivity and psychic abilities which may differ from person to person.

  • Golden Sunrise!ॐ Thank you so much @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher . Have a blessed day!ॐ Namaskar.ॐ

  • @JadeMS3

    Thank you for your thanks and greetings.
    You can also do Psychic surgery for kidneys with VK, just with a simple request. It will help further for improving kidney function for your Daddy.

    I have used Psychic surgery for a teenager in addition to KEY PEN SERUM, it works wonderfully.

    You can please read my comments in this link

  • Wow!Thank you thank you so much @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher !ॐ I will do that. I'll keep you updated.ॐ

  • Great going @JadeMS3
    We also feel that repulsive every time.
    Golden Sunrise to your new Journey.
    Happy Healing.

  • Golden Sunrise
    I also feel the force of repulsion many a times. It gives the feeling of being connected with VK
    A sort of signal ya it is done
  • @JadeMS3 golden sunrise.nice experience.i get tingling sensation in fingers during water charging n whn i do vob.

  • GOLDEN SUNRISE Sir/ madam,
    While charging water ,VK slips from my fingers after some rotations.
    While doing meditation holding VK in my palms like namskar...VK moves in between the palms and slips..
    And also i yawn while making rotations for charging water or when i meditate....
  • @Madhursr

    Type yawn in search option on this forum

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