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Golden Sunrise! My I please ask what does this mean... "Read more about wish fulfillment “GANESHA MAGIC BEGIN NOW” switch word English Mantra video. Hope this is not in your home because it could be a reason for many obstacles. " I've read it here... Does this mean that I can not watch this video when I'm at home? Thank you.Namaskar.ॐ


  • @JadeMS3 Golden Sunrise
    This switchphrase is helpful for wishes manifestation. Lord Ganesha is powerful God in Hindu religion to remove obstacles from your life path.

    You can watch this video at anyplace anytime.
    Please read this link below for "Magic Begin Now"
  • Thank you so much @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher for you reply. I am a Ganesha devotee and Ganesha is the reason why I discovered VK and the Litarian Family. He's the one who brought me to this website.ॐ The picture in my profile is my Ganesha idol in my Pooja Place. I feel so blessed for being a part of the Litarian Family with all the great kind people and teachers like you. Bless up to @Sharat Sir for the wonderful gift...VK.ॐ

    May I ask for clarity what the words "Hope this is not in your home because it could be a reason for many obstacles." meant? I've attached the screenshot from the page with highlight to it.Thank you.

  • Here's the link to the screenshot just in case my attachment doesn't show up...

  • @JadeMS3
    Thankyou for noticing "these words" may be due to some typing error during Article editing.
    The correction is done in this article Please excuse us for the typing error.
  • Golden Sunrise!You are most welcome @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher .Thank you too for your time.Have a blessed day. Jai Ganesha!ॐ

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