VK'S HEALING IS BEYOND MEDICAL SCIENCE, breaking hormonal stress, a woman gets pregnant unbelievably

I have a very amazing experience to share with VK.
I have a friend who due to her family circumstances had used contraception for almost 5.5 years against medical advice as well as she didn't wanted to have baby because of very personal reasons but after sometime those issues started getting resolved and she had a desire to plan her family and have a baby.So she stopped all contraceptive methods in September 2017 . There were warnings from specialists that her hormones are that much messed up that she has started going to early pre menopausal phase in her early 30's.
Her menstrual cycle was a nightmare. There was no track of anything. The test reports were showing that ovulation is not happening and very less chance of it being happening ever again.
But since she is a closed friend of mine I was sending her HEALING with my VK daily by sending her energies of GOLDEN SUNRISE,FEM SERUM,BALANCE SERUM ALL CLEAR SERUM and energy of Santan Gopal Mantra from last 6-7 months.
Randomly I was doing Psychic surgery of her reproductive system as well.
This year in January the specialists offered her another scan in which PCOS was ruled out which they said before was there but she was not ready to start any treatment. From last 4-5 months the cycle was getting better as well but still no ovulation but somewhere in middle of March I just asked her about how is everything and she said it was fine until last month but this month again I missed my periods.
I casually said to her why not do pregnancy test then to which she started laughing and said no way I can't be but said to satisfy me she will do test and guess what the next day she did test it was positive and she found out she is pregnant.
Neither her family doctor nor the specialists were ready to accept that but because of the risks involved they sent her for very early scan and confirmed that she is pregnant.
I am so happy for her Although the pregnancy for reasons known or unknown is bit complicated and there are so many special instructions in place for her by the doctors but I am sure VK will take her to happy delivery and bless her with healthy child.
Thanks and gratitude to Sharat sir for this exciting and wonderful gift in our lives which is making so many impossible things possible.


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