Vibrations with vk, mimicking frequency

Golden sunrise
I am very interested to vibrations healing
For exemple rife sounds and solfeggio like 528hz . 369hz....
Want to know can i mimck a frequence with vk ?
The world is vibrations . in what level thise vibrations work ?
Is vk more powerful than this vibrations ?

Thank you


  • @faissal

    Vibrational healing is a vast subject.
    Basically every organ vibrates at a certain frequency. If the frequency is disturbed or not in harmony it results into an unwanted symptom of dis-ease. The organ is not at ease so a peraon may feel unwanted symptoms. It may also manifest as malfunctioning of organs.

    When the frequency is corrected , the body or organ gets normal.

    The frequency can be corrected in many many ways. So broadly many healings fall under vibrational frequency include healing numbers, flower essences, crystals, pressure healing, pranic healing and many more types.

    There are sophisticated machines too which send signals of particular frequency. This forms part of modern science.

    With VK you can mimic Vibrational healing, but how does it just help with the word Vibrational healing.

    In mimicking one should know what is the effect and what is to be mimicked to get the effect.
    Of course with intention safety and security.

    Its better to use a specific known healing modality of mimicking rather than just using a broad term which covsrs many healing modalities...when it comes to mimicking with VK.
  • @faissal

    Personally i feel we should not look at solutions and then find how to use them for which problems.

    It can be the other way round, look for solutions of known problems.

    I have seen people who look for problems after hearing about any healing...are the ones who end up inviting those problems in life.

    Learning new things is a great thing to do. But focus can be to nail and remove the problems.

    Law of attraction is also a vibrational frequency game !!
  • @faissal

    VK is attuned with Cosmic energies. One of the ways the energies work is also correcting vibrational frequency.

    To know working of VK .this itself is a vast subject of course its also beyond or more than vibrations too.

    It works at multiple levels, And the way VK works sometimes i am not able to express in words because its something SuperScience, one may feel it at deeper levels.

    The more you practise , the more you read about VK articles written by Sharat Sir, you will know at how many levels it works.

    Do check article on COSMIC ENERGY on litairian website how Cosmic energies work. And other articles on VK working.

    VK supplies energies to correct the organs as well as it also connects the person to many dimensions outside the person in space and to other people.

    In vibrational healing its only the outside working on inside of a person.

    VK can mimic any positive healing modality to answer your previous question. Do read VK Basic Post 20 too.
  • Golden sunrise to your answer
    Very useful
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