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Healing Pregnancy Period to change Thought process, a VK experience

edited January 2020 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
Golden Sunrise all...Sharing my wonderful Experience with teenager.This whole thing started last year july after summer vaccation boy stopped going to school saying..He don't gel well with class mates,teacher .So need to shift to another school. He was in 9th standard so it was not easy to shift to another school.Even parents try working this lot of schools told if child is facing this issue it can happen in other school too.This attitute needed to be worked on.Parents met his teachers to know actual scene but couldn't understand reason behind this all.He was ready to attend tution classes but not school.In Aug 2018 Started healing ,councelling of this boy ...Lot of issues came in light ...Physical levels like headaches,cant sleep sound at night ,fatigue, eating more of junk food .Emotional level ...hyper at times ,some times in depression dont want to meet friends ,relatives,not ready to go for outings.Used to cry at times or throw tantrums.In this case gave combination of bach flower medicines..rescue remedy+clematis+ gorse+ mustard+chestnut bud+holly + hornbeam for 3-4 times a day.Direct healing with Vk..2-3 times aday or even 4 times...calm down serum+ release all his fear related to school ,teachers and students..+ sheild of 7 rays along with this told them to make EC and Golden Sunrise wish Manifestation for him,that he is going to school daily,enjoy school going ,complete his work ,study well...On weekly basis councelling session in which positive affirmation ,law of attraction to help him to be out of his insecurities n low self esteem. In between he wrote his first semester.Then one day discussing with Sharat Sir one very important point came into notice and it was to heal this child and mother with rescue remedy while this child was in womb of her mother.With VK started this particular healing....this showed fast n miraclous changes in child's behaviour.All the above healing did it part but most wonderfully was womb healing when already child is 14 years.This is only possible with VK and Sir guidance.Though he started going to school in october that too not regularly.Healing continued even used to change according to need of time.His Uniform ,water bottle used to be charged with gym serum+ balance serum + study serum + sheild of 7 rays.His patents were guided for their own VK nd agreed too.I guided them how to charge his clothes,food ,bottles at time with joy + love serum + one soul serum .As his attendance was short so direct healing to his teachers n principal was given so that they should allow to sit for final exsms Finally his final exams approached his mother and I used to give healing with study serum + brain serum + sheild of 7 rays +golden sunrise.Give golden sunrise energies to his examination room.After exam to teacher and his answer sheet golden sunrise snd in own words for good result and clear this exams .Luckily he cleared 9th as so many regular going students got reappear.Even his teacher appreciated this.All thanks goes to VK ,Sharat Sir and even to his parents who patiencely acted on whatever been told too. All the best to him for his 10 th n future ahead. This all was possible only with VK.All Gratitute to Sharat Sir for inventing VK and sharing his divine invention with mankind and making our lifes easy and simple.This whole process worked for nearly 8-9 months.Though it seemed long time but less as it was to be worked on thoughts,beliefs system which was there in this child before his birth ...
Thanks Universe for sending Divine Soul Sharat Sir in our Life.


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