Energy in videos or text

Golden sunrise
Please how can i put the energy in video or text with tws phs gs .....
And every one ho listen to this video or read text can have the benefits of the energy
Like videos of sharat sir
Is this can simply done with vk
I hope you indestand my questions
Thank you


  • @faissal

    Sharat Sirs videos are already attuned with Cosmic energies.

    If you want to add energy of Cosmic serums for people, just club Cosmic Serum energy + Video energy in water or by direct request.

    Consider the video energy as one of the energies, its simple. Check VK Tip 34.

    The energy receivers are people, the video is not the medium, video is one of the energy created by Sharat Sir
  • Golden sunrise
    In fact i dont want mimiking energy of sharat sir videos
    But i want to do my videos in youtube in coaching and i want my videos to translate energies for viewers
  • @faissal

    You can send other energies by direct request or in water for recipients through VK.

    You can make the recipients watch the video separately.
  • Golden sunrise
    I know a coach ho do a video how to attract a gift in few days . after that all viewrs really attract a gift more than 200 success stories
    They ask him how can you do that ?
    He answer in fact its not the technics that attract but i send in the backroud of the video an energy and more you see the video more you have more effect . so i remember sharat sir videos
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