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Allergy in Whole Body with Itching (not due to insect bite), my VK experience

Golden Sunrise Divine Souls,

My Gratitudes to Sharath Sir & Team

My sister's daughter aged about 13 years suffering with some unknown allergies in her whole body. she got swelling in her lips & foot (thumb) also. Also she is suffering itching in her whole body. She is having Sinus also. I have given water charged with Golden Sunrise, ENT Serum, All Clear Serum along with Shield of Seven Rays.

Please help me in her fast recovery.


  • @Devilaxman

    You can also add BEAUTY SERUM in drinking water along with your suggested healing.

    Please also make a direct request with VK frequently for these energies to speed up healing.
  • heaing sent to your niece for her wellbeing and recovery.
  • Thanks a lot mam for your kind reply.

  • Golden Sunrise,

    My niece Yuktha Completely recovered from her allergies. Thank you so much for giving suggestion & sending her healing. Now I have started giving her Key Pen Serum, Brain Serum, Balance Serum for her Bed wetting Problem.

    As she is very dear to my heart, Please bless and send her energies for Good Health & Studies.

    Thank You Rakhi Mam,

    Thank You VK,

    Thank You Sharath Sir.

  • @Devilaxman

    Thank you for updating. GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts.

    You can add BACH FLOWER REMEDY RESCUE with VK in healing for your niece. Looking at unknown skin allergies and bedwetting, there could be some emotional stress connected, i guess.

    Also request VK to release all negative emotions. You can charge drinking water also with RELEASE ALL NEGATIVE EMOTIONS.

  • Sure mam. I will do accordingly. Thank You So Much for supporting us mam.

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