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Enlightment state Buddha, Jesus? BOOST healing for world

1)Can I reach the state of Enlightment(Zen,Buddha,Jesus....) through VK?
I want to be more open,peaceful,love and finally reach the state of Enlightment

2) I know we can use multiple Vks to boost the healing, Is that means Vk users can join together to solve the problems of our world? such as wars and pollution.
If someone have (for example)10Vks work together, the results will be stunning! (100+times faster)
Isn't too good to be true?



  • @Leolyk


    On enlightenment, please use the keyword BUDDHA on search option. There is a good discussion and guidance by @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher Sir in old post.

    Please check
  • @Leolyk

    The divine energies by VK multiply in BOOST method. Its beyond human calculation , how many folds it multiplies. Because it gets multiplied by VK's own wisdom.

    There are some examples given in the BOOST article how energies multiply.

    The results are stunning always. @SharatSir strongly promotes mass healing for noble cause. There are some posts on mass healing in forum too on peace and healing earth.

    Personally i feel we should just send healing and allow VK to work without thinking if its true to be good. Especially in nobel cause, just do your part and leave the rest to the Universe.

  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher
    Can you suggest the best way to release the emotion in daily life, for example when fear or anger suddenly arise, thank you!
  • @Leolyk

    The simpliest way is to request VK
    RELEASE ANGER or RELEASE FEAR . This can be done in water or other methods too.

    Or you can mimick GAYATRI MANTRA daily for raising your mental awareness to positive thinking.

    There can be other methods like use of COSMIC SERUMs like CALM DOWN SERUM and SHIELD OF 7 RAYS in anger

    And BRAVO SERUM and SHIELD OF 7 RAYS in fear.

    There are other mimicking ways too. But the above is simple and easy to remember.
  • thanks,I will try that

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