Mimicking Dr.NANDITA SHAH's VEGAN DIET , my mind blowing Game changer VK experience


My another VK experience with Mimicking.

Few months back i came across Nandita Shah's website SHARAN on benefits of Vegan diet and schedule.

I picked up some of her guidance and started following them. I felt a lot of difference in my energy level. VK helped me to quit some of my so called favourite foods just in a day. I realised the old food habits were actually giving repeated health issues though minor sometimes and sometimes getting worst. Those times, Every time VK helped me to come out.

But i could not adopt the whole diet due to my personal lifestyle and curriculum. I was still happy with what i adopted. I feel VK only lead me to all this.

In between as a Rule breaker, i again broke the rule of this new diet and re-adopted some part of old diet, Again i felt breaking this rule, gave me pleasure with some penalty. This hip-hop continued going back to new diet , and now no rule breaking, i made a promise to myself.

One day i was feeling exhausted at the end of the day, and i asked VK , what now?
And a click happened !!

I requested VK for ENERGY OF NANDITA SHAH's VEGAN DIET for me through a direct request. Oh my God, after 15 min, there was a change in my physical energy. After sometime i again gave this request, and the energy levels were mind blowing.

I wondered, why did i never think of this idea. Better late than never. I charged my drinking water with this energy. Everyday i could feel some change in my energy level.

I then did it for some other people for few days, and could see even changes in their stamina.

I just love VK and its mimicking power. Its a game changer i feel, every time i use VK mimicking, the game changes !!

Gratitude to Sharat Sir for VK in our lives.

This diet plan helps people with diabetes and also for other health issues. Even if there are no health issues, it would help.
Do share your experiences if you are motivated to use this way. You can keep an intention of safety and security while using this, though i just did it plainly with enthusiasm.


  • Amazing idea di
    Thanks for sharing
  • Just superb.... Tried and felt very light in 15 mins.

    Gratitude to you and Sharat Sir
  • Wooww ..What a tip all gratitute to u for sharing.
  • I dont know when did Dr. Nandita Shah turned to Dr Nandita Das ,but one thing I came to know for sure that Cosmic Serums have left Quantum leaping before Nanditas dietary schedule Energy.GOLDEN SUNRISE to the big turnover.


    Thanks for pointing out the error. Its Nandita Shah.

    My personal experience is that when your intention is towards a target , the spellings or errors does not matter. Thats the beauty of VK , intentional healing tool. I was connecting to founder of Sharan thats Dr. Nandita....

    Like a lady didnt know how to pronounce MAHA MRITYUNJAY MANTRA but yet got results as her intention was towards that mantra.

    Will correct the post. Thank you.

    VK has infinite possibilities keep exploring and share your experiences!!

    One can do healing with VK and Cosmic Serum. Cosmic Serums also work on mind. If diet changes can ease your body, then one can adopt those, changing from Disease to EASE body.

    Cosmic Serums quantum leaping made me to change dietary patterns ! Looking it broadly or at a larger prospective from cosmic point of healing, not like regular medical treatment, which works more on body.
  • Woww Amazing VK experience didi. I am new to know about this diet plan, wonderful learning.
    I request VK for the same Diet plan energy and felt change in energy level of my body.
    Thankyou for Sharing i will keep follow this to see more changes.
  • Gratitudes for sharing Dii :)
  • Golden Sunrise,Sharat sir,
    Rakhi ji
    Wonderful experience shared by you encourages to me to control or reversal of Diabetes.
    Golden Sunrise to all
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher Golden sunrise ji.nice idea.tnx

  • @Shirish ji


    Do try and share your experiences with VK.
    You can also visit her website and see what changes you can follow in your diet. Its amazing.

    @Barinder - Supportive VK Teacher
    @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher
    @Sonia - Supportive VK Teacher
    Thank you all. Do share your experiences if you use this mimicking
  • @Chetandurdi

    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Thank you for sharing your experience. You are always enthusiastic to try new ways with VK. Loved it.
  • Wow this is an awesome idea. Will surely try it. Thanks for sharing Rakhiji.

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