After Using Total Wealth Serum, blockage, karma?

Even after using GS, TWS, AMS and Hanuman Chalisa for long time, why it is taking things to get manifest..

Where is the blockage in our energy ?

I understand there will be a Time Lag between the time you start and time you receive but how to know where is the blockage, which karma's are blocking the manifestation?

@SharatSir @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher


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    Its all depends upon what you want to manifest. If you want a small house, it is very easy to get it and it is also less time taking effort but if you want to manifest a big mansion then it will surely take some time.

  • @SharatSir - But Sir, that is a external manifestation, what internally needs to be changed ?

  • @Manmit

    Thought process to be changed. The thought that there is karma blockage or other blockage is itself a blockage.

    Allow VK to work with its wisdom. It will manifest when a person takes actions with dedication and surrenders to Divine. Divine energies will work to bring what is deserving. Placing Time limitation or creating anxiety from time maybe a bigger block.
  • @manmeet - "Where is the blockage in our energy ?". This question itself has your answer. Read again one side you pray and ask VK to manifest and other side you have doubt and VK listens to your heart and subconscious mind. So clear that and let go off the brakes and it will be done or not just have FAITH and yes you will get it.

  • @Shrinath

    Well explained. Thank you. GOLDEN SUNRISE

  • @SharatSir @Shrinath @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher

    Thanks for the insights, I need to give myself more of CDS and ACS
  • @Manmeet - Have FAITH - FOR ALL I TRUST HIM/HER the Almighty.

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