ACS to remove side effects of antibiotics

Hello, I am currently taking antibiotics prescribed by doctor, but have severe diarrhea as a side effect. Before starting the tablets, I charged the entire set of tablets with ACS. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be working. Have also charged water with digee serum, ACS, perfect health serum. But problem persists. Please kindly advise. Thank you very much


  • @Beatrix

    Please check the article on ALL CLEAR SERUM. It should be avoided in case of loose motions or diarrhoea as body is already throwing out negativity.

    Sharat Sir guides medicines should be charged only with GOLDEN SUNRISE.

    If you experience side effects then you can take ALL CLEAR SERUM.

    Some antibiotics have diarrhoea as side effects because there is a loss of normal flora or microbes from digestive tracks. In that case diarhoea happens. You can request VK to restore the normal flora in your own words.

    Or you can mimick energy of Lactobacillus with safety and security if this is due to medicines
  • Thank you for your reply Rakhi. I am not sure this fully resolves the issue for me however, I am already taking multiple doses of Lactobacillus as a preventetive measure.
    With respect to ACS and medications, I distinctly remember reading an article or potentially in the first VK manual, which described using ACS on medicines before taking them in order to prevent side affects from occuring. Would digee serum or some switchword energy to STOP DIARRHOEA NOW AND FOREVER also be effective?

    If I already charged the tablets with "ACS" how can i remove this charge, just be recharing with something else like GS?

  • @Beatrix

    Sir has always guided to charge medicines with GOLDEN SUNRISE. You can do that.

    For all gastrointestinal or digestive healing DIGEE SERUM can be used by default.

    I have mimicked energy of ACTIVATED CARBON to stop diarrhoea as an experience.
  • thank you very much for the activated charcoal idea. will try!!

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