My hearfelt gratitude to Sharat Sir for this wonderful invention of vk.This is the first time I am sharing my VK experience with all. I received my VK on May 19 2018 in Malaysia.From the day I received my bangle of joy it has been doing miracles for me.
I wanted to test it on my friend.She told me she was going to see the doctor to get 2 days medical leave.(That doctor will not even approve of 1 day'S LEAVE however sick you are.She has been seeing the dr for 20 years)I silently told my VK to approve the leave. I told her confidently to go and the doctor will give her the leave.she was quite sceptical about what i said. Imagine the joyand happiness she got the 2 days leave. she told me that there is some power in my words. I laughed and then told her about VK. she immediately wanted to purchase VK.

I am a retired teacher.I am 64 years old. Now i do part time tutoring.There is this 9 year old boy who just doesnt want to study.Before i go to his home i will send Brain serum and Study serum to him.Before my VK when i arrive he will ask me what time I will go back and he will make deals with me. Now after VK he says he likes to study and he wants to do well and he will diligently do all the work. How I wish I had VK when I was much younger.

I bought VK more because my daughter was not interested in marriage.After VK i send her love serum and all other necessary serums.Daily when she comes back from work she will use my bangle till morning and found things working for her.I encouraged her to buy VK and told VK to choose her.

when I was in UK for 2 months sharat sir used to guide me on the necessary serums for mu husband who was feeling depressed because of the cold and jet lag.My grandaughter was down with fluand would not sleep. VK was a great saviour.
with me the baby could sleep throughout the nite. My daughter was surprised. No one new it was VK s magic.

The biggest miracle happened last week.I was very interested in learning meditation.A friend in India encouraged me to join a certain meditation from a guru.I contacted him and he told me to deposit 20K Rupees for 7 levels.But before i sent the money I put SO7R on my money and told VK to take care of it.Then he told me he would give me deeksha the next day(all through whatsapp). Silly me!! I sent the money. That evening i got a message from my friend in India that his guru passed away.It was 2 minutes after i talked to him.I couldnt believe my eyes. I told him what about my money.He told me dont worry his soul is living in his wife. She will give the deeksha.I called the wife and said I dont want deeksha I want my money back. Meanwhile I kept talking to my vk visualizing she is giving me back my money n sending all the serums.At first she refused.
I threatened her I will make police report in my country.Two days later she asked for my bank details and returned me my money in full.GRATITUDE only to VK i got my money back. Later i heard the others did not get back their money. Thanks to VK. It protected my money.

A BIG Thank You to Sharat SIR.Love you Ji for helping everyone.Most of my good friends in Malaysia have purchased VK.VK is the best guiding light ever.Ilove VK and VK loves me too

Selvarani Malaysia


  • @February09

    GOLDEN SUNRISE Selvarani ji

    Wow. Such nice experiences and all posted with so much love and enthusiasm.

    Your line that VK should have come to you earlier. Yes we feel this way. But i know VK not only chooses the user it also decides the time for it going to a person. I know a VK user who was so negative about VK before he got VK.......but VK went to this person in an unbelievable beautiful way. And now so much of life is changed for this person. This user does not know how to use VK but family says so much progress happened due to just wearing VK .

    Thank you for sharing.

    I am really happy just with a single comment on Facebook to you ....you took all the quick efforts to share this wonderful post. Inspiring for all of us.
    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your enthusiasm in exploring VK and spreading its goodness all around.

    Gratitude to Sharat Sir for VK in our lives !!
  • Lovely experiences.
    Keep sharing @February09 (Selvarani Ji)
    These experiences are boost other VK users faith multifold.

    Thank you VK.
    Thank you Sharat Sir for this precious gift to the mankind.
  • This is just a awesome share... keep updating your journey of VK with all of us. Have a Golden Sunrise Life Ahead.
  • Thanks a lot for sharing your wonderful experiences with VK
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