VK / Switchwords for Rain

Golden Sunrise.

We are facing acute water scarcity in our city due to lack of rains, summer is just starting and the situation may become desperate. Requesting help to bring in rains for the City so that the cityfolks don't suffer and city is relieved of drought and peak summer


  • @rameshbashyam
    You can request and pay gratitude to nature in your own words to ask necessary rain in your area.
  • O Divine VK make way for enough water for use by people residing in Rameshbhasyam's city now forever.

    Let the rains be on time with greenary and prosperity to all.
  • @rameshbashyam

    I personally believe that Mantras are very effective in situations where the energy requirement is beyond peoples mind.

    Switchwords act on subconcious mind only.

    Mantras i believe it to be "Maan ke antar se aane wali awaaz ie Words coming from heart and soul.

    And chanting of Mantras can create great vibrations. These vibrations reach the Universe and creates effect for others around too.

    Varun Devta, is the God of water. Can seek his blessings with the prayers for enough water for everyone all the time.

    Varun Gayatri Mantra

    ॐ जलबिम्बाय विद्महे नीलपुरुषाय धीमहि !
    तन्नो वरुण: प्रचोदयात !

    Om Jala bimbhaya Vidhmahe Nila Purushaya Dheemahi !
    Tanno Varuna Prachodayat !

    This mantra has many benefits including fulfilling of wish for enough water for all.

    You can use VK to enhance effect of this mantra chanting or mimick its energy for city.
  • Thanks Puneetji and Rakhiji.

  • Golden Sunrise,Ramesh ashya ji
    We can mimik the energy of Hydro-kinesis or we can energies Water Resources with the Energy of Hydro kinesis with request to increase inflow of water of under ground as well as Ground Water sources.
    Also can be request along with All clear Serum,one soul serum.
    Other way we can request to Energy of Geokinesis to open up the space to crate flow of water to the specific space.
    We are working in same way for Latur maharashtra and in some parts of Godavari Basin.
  • Golden Sunrise Every one,
    We can divert Raining clouds towards the place of Ramesh ji by using energy of Aero kinesis and energy of Varun Gayatri together.Ramesh ji pl inform place where you reside i am just in a moment wish to send above energies to your town place .
  • Thanks Shirishji - from down South, Chennai. We had the worst rains since 1990s (less than 3-4 days of rain). The weather has started to hot up and we are looking at a drought-like summer. Golden Sunrise, Pray for not just my city / state but all other parts of India which are facing such a situation. Thanks

  • Golden Sunrise,Ramesh ji
    Every year from Nov to Mar i am there in Chennai, randomly i am doing for my mother earth,for specific area when I come to know.i do not wish to praise myself,friend we are VK user hence ask.
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