Husband wife relationship

I'm looking for the help,My brother is very short temper and always ready for arguments.My sister in law is very nice and understanding but she just gave up and they had major fights all the time. I want to make peace and harmony in their house.
I used Beech Batch Remedy +Golden Sunrise +one soul serum +love Serum +All clear serum.

I was looking for the Husband and wife Relationship Ec which was shared by puneet sir but unable to find.

Please guide me.


  • @Shal

    Please check article on LOVE SERUM. It can be used only to improve VK users own relationship with others and not for someone else's relationship. It wont work for others relationship.

    For EC you can also visit litairian website and check in the category of EC....the article you are searching and general articles on EC are also there.

    Or you can check in VK success stories on this forum post by Puneet
  • Thanks Rakhi Ji
    Is all other things r ok except love serum.
  • @Shal

    Though you cannot use LOVE SERUM in this case you can refer to the article of LOVE SERUM. It gives some important tips how you can send energies to the individual spouses and make them cheerful attractivr for other partner. Do read all the points given on individual articles of LOVE SERUM ONE SOUL SERUM and add to your healing based on your inner guidance.
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