Black tourmaline

Dear Vk team. Some one has given me some thing called black tourmaline.. Could you kindly guide me if the stone should be first cleansed before using?
If yes, what is the cleaning process please?I heard that it has to be first dipped in sea salt with water for 24 hours....and then to be dried under I right?

Also if I DON'T use the stone and just say VK please send the energy of Stone black tourmaline with safety and security and manifest the wish for me now. Is this request okay? Thank you so much.


  • @RituAgarwal

    Use ALL CLEAR SERUM to clear crystals and gem stones of accumulated negative energies with VK. Crystals should be cleaned not only before use but also regularly.

    Regarding mimicking procedures , please read the BASIC OF VK POSTs on forum, it gives lot of information on mimicking and its ways

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