My nose turned red after ten minutes of drinking charged water of Hanuman Chalisa, Why?

Dear Vk team..... I have read the article of Sharat Sir on black magic and I charge my water with hanuman chalisa...all clear serum and shield of 7 clear any black magic ( I have an intuition that it's there on me)...for the first time I charged my water with these 3 things for curing any black magic..

First I did water testing...I didn't find the water bitter or tasteless at all after charging it with hanuman chalisa...but when I drank this water with these 3 energies, I noticed my nose turned red After ten minutes of drinking that water. I was feeling extremely itchy there. Like someone has put some red chilies on my nose...and I felt that some hot wave was emanating from my nose....can you pls tell me If it signals anything.thanks a lot


  • It is just due to the effects of an evil eye. Just take the same charged water as many times as you can.

  • Yes sir thanks a lot for your guidance. I will continue to take it
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