Miracle of Sai mantra

Dear friends
I just saw the post of Sharat Kumar Sir on Facebook regarding my lord Sai baba mantras.
I wish to share an amazing experience I just had.
I have been waiting for someone's call since a week and it was EXTREMELY critical for me to talk to that fellow. I have been trying to talk to the person in vain.

I thought of chanting Sai baba mantra today after seeing the post of Sharat Sir.. I chanted श्री साईँ अपराजिताय नमः !!! to get success in this matter.
The moment I finished my 108th chant, I got a call from that person!!!!!
I have been chanting switchwords so long since so many days but I got a call today after I chanted that Sai baba manta!
What a wonderful experience!
Thank you Sharat Sir. I feel I am blessed to have met you!
Best Regards.


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