Occult Energy Troubling Us by Manifesting as Physical Pain

Greetings Ascended Masters _/\_

First off all I would like to thank you for everything. My mother was the one who introduced me to VK. We have VK with us for the past 2 years and VK has always helped us with various issues.

My mother is a single parent and has looked after me for the past 13 years alone with no help from my father's side. We had to leave him and his family due to their violent behaviour towards us and due to his alcoholism which made us loose all our money . We do not have any regression towards them and we have forgiven and moved on.

But Even after leaving him his mother and their family are sending negative energies to affect my mother. I never believed in black magic and bad occult before, but after seeing my mom undergoing so much physical pain and the doctors have no answer as all the tests come out clear; I also started to investigate and found that every no moon and full moon night is when my mother suffers the most with immense pain. I cannot see her like this and it's been many years this is happening. I have also felt some kind of negativity heavily around us many times.

I have been activating Shield of 7 Rays, and Pain Care Serum for my mother and also give her activated water most times. The pain is really unbearable for her and the negative energies also affect me as I met with an accident for no reason have a sciatic nerve problem and have been diagnosed with PCOS and face lots of blockages to be successful. After consulting many wise people all have the same to say that its lots of negative occult energies at work sent by people especially my father's side.

I am very confused regarding how I can help my mother and myself because we have only suffered all our lives with my father and his family and how they treated us it was already very traumatizing for me as a child. I just want my mother to be happy and pain free atleast now because she has been in pain for so many years and it breaks my heart. Sorry for the long post but I really need help! Thank you.


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