Fluid in lungs and heart issues...ICU

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Hai mam
which serum for icu patient due to lungs (fluid out) problems? also heart issues I am giving GS,MMM,BS to him any more suggestion pl give me a recent reply thanks in advance.


  • @meenaanil

    The combination you have chosen is best. You can send these energies every 10 min.

    You can do VOB of lungs with ALL CLEAR SERUM
  • Thank you once again mam. One and a half day he is in ICU and discharged today. Can I continue this combination including Heart Serum for his heart issued surgery suggested by doctor. Please give me the video name for heart issues. Howmany times to look this video by a non vk user. Pl confirm the serum name for VOB of heart - HS & GS. Thanks in advance.

  • @meenaanil

    Please refer this link of HEART SERUM


  • Thank you.

  • Hai Sir/ Mam,
    Please give me the video name for the above lungs issues. Can I do psychic surgery for lungs?

  • @meenaanil

    When you click on the video , name appears.

    Yes you can

  • I check the videos but I am not sure which video is good for him. I hope Asthma cure cosmic code video, TB tuberculosis cure video cosmic codes and Bronchitis cure cosmic codes video are related to lungs. Which one is best for our case. Please. Thanks in advance.

  • Thank you mam.

  • Hai Rakhi Mam,
    My brother was admitted in ICU 2 times. Surgery is suggested but the two issues are there so...... I am sending GS, HS, ACS, SO7R, MMM sometimes BLS. Also PS to his heart and lungs (seperately). VOB with HS & GS & VOB with ACS for lungs. Can I add anything more. Can I add anything more? Without your permission I am sending the report to your mobile. Sorry for this. Disease name, size of Aorta and BP variations are mentioned in this report. He is not addicted to any bad habit like alcohol, cigars etc. Any changes in the above mentioned serums so please confirm. I am not in a position to pick or call you after 6 p.m. Thank you in advance.

  • @meenaanil


    Dont worry dear. Just send HEART SERUM and MAHA MRITYUNJAY MANTRA with VK every 15 min.

    You may Keep the intention to VK

    I havnt received any message on whatsapp. Thats ok. You have mentioned the situation here in your post.
  • Thank you mam. I will send 2 reports to you. One medicine is prescribed to resist the growth of artery/aorta. BP is 120/60. Can I do this VOB of respiratory system with GS or anything add to this.

  • Thank you mam.

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