Can VK mimic energy of new upcoming healing modalities

Wanted to know whether VK can mimic even the energy of even the new healing modalities coming up. For example there is Star Magic, Thamba, which are recently coming up. So I can request VK to give energy of the modality with safety and security na? Thank you


  • @Rajalakshmy

    If you know the effect of these new healings you can explore with VK.

    Is it important to know whether these healings will give you beneficial effect.
  • @rajlakshmy

    Just remember VK is attuned with Cosmic its wisdom is eternal.

    Human beings can devise new healing modalities based on experiences and practise....but our VK is smart to mimick beneficial healing methods irrespective of whether its old or new

    Gratitude to @SharatSir and VK evergreen healing divine tool
  • According to me yes Vk can mimic any new modality too,even i tried wd most of them.It works wd intention, so it can mimic anything.Keep trying and sharing.As rakhi ji said Vk wisdom is eternal and if it is divine tool so this thing is in blue print of Vk.I got first Vk in december 2016.So in few things many updation came later but i surprised i used it same earlier and it works wobderfully.Even though i m asking many time silly queries from sir as well as many times working with my wisdom without following manual rules.
    Gratitude to Divin,Vk,Sir and all
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