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My VK experience on money with TOTAL WEALTH SERUM intention


I was charging water for my friend's son using my VK , who was appearing for a competitive exam. One day my friend asked...."Is it ok if i drink water which is charged for my son. By mistake i drink many times". I replied to her its all positive energies, it will help her and there is no harm if she drinks that water even daily.

I was charging the water with TOTAL WEALTH SERUM and STUDY SERUM for her son. After she asked me the above question, i laughingly asked VK, how will you help her with TOTAL WEALTH SERUM , she is a homemaker. She does not work for money and has no business. I just left this thought with my VK.

After few weeks she called to say, that her old stock advisor told her that she had invested some small amount in her demat account some 4 yrs back, and that stock has multiplied and she has to sell that immediately. She had forgotten her demat password and how to operate it. So she asked for my help.

By the time i helped her to know the password, it was only 15 mins left for the stock trading closing for that day. So she called the broker, who told her, its too late to bid now. Her stocks were trading at 7 times more or what the her buy rate was. He told her to sell the stock immediately next morning. I was requesting to VK for her best deal and easy selling for next day.

She logged in her account after an hour of market start, and still got the value of sale which was 7 times her buy rate. Next day her stock advisor told her the stocks were again falling. He also told her there were more than 10 people who had bought these stocks along with her, but they had all sold their stock 2 yrs back as the company was not doing good. They had sold either with loss or no loss no profit point. In last fortnight he saw the stocks had recovered and remembered that my friend was one of the buyers too. But he was not sure if she sold or was still holding on.

This is amazing way of VK working, there were no intentions to send her TOTAL WEALTH SERUM energy. She was not aware which energy she was taking through water. She was cool with her routine. And suddenly this stock advisor called and she benefitted multifold.

One of the best way to work with VK and Cosmic Serums especially TOTAL WEALTH SERUM is to have no intention from where money will come. Just keep the intention of opportunities and prosperity and allow VK to surprise you.

I had similar experiences with myself and some other people whom i sent TOTAL WEALTH SERUM, without intention, there are surprises of blocked money coming back, discount coming in on purchase and many such ways.

Gratitude to Sharat Sir for VK and its amazing pleasant surprises !!


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