Regarding my brother's marriage proposal

Dear Teachers,
Which serum should be used to make my bro accept for marriage as he got a proposal through matrimony site and everything seems to be good from girls side
I have requested vk in my own words
"VK please make a way for my bro to accept this proposal"
If not this what else can be used to get a best proposal for him..

Please guide

Thank you


  • @anuchoco

    You can request for best and deserving partner for his marriage now
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher

    I have a doubt

    While saying marriage request to vk. Why should we say whomsoever is correct should marry him/her?

    Even though we already know a groom.....

    This was suggested by one of vk teacher personally to me.
    She told to ask me in forum....
    So that's why I ask you...
    Thank you
    Golden sunrise
  • For my daughter I'm seeing alliance.
    She is studying final year engineering.

    First I got an alliance I thought that what ever comes at first should match.
    Horoscope also matched well.
    They ((groom and his relatives))also came to our home.
    Groom was in good job.
    But we don't have any proper response from them after that.

    So I start to see other alliance.
    But my mind keep on expecting that first alliance should come and contact us.
    That groom should marry my daughter.

    I got suggestions from an vk teacher
    She told that always mention " whom so ever is best with good job ,whom so ever can keep my daughter happy should come and contact us. They should marry my daughter". Instead of mentioning first groom.

    I'm expecting first groom.

    What shall I do in this circumstance?

    Please reply and clear my doubt.
  • @Ahila


    Before i write more, please answer what if there is a 4th proposal or nth proposal which is better or best for your daughter in many respects NOT ONLY JOB OR HAPPINESS BUT MUCH MORE. Its on the way for wedding, timing we don't know of his entry in your daughters life for marriage.

    n can be the 1st one also or anyone from subsequent proposals

    So whats your preference now ?

  • I want any way of proposal.
    But immediately
  • @Ahila

    I think you mean to speed up the healing for our wish of daughters wedding. For this just keep the intention NOW NOW NOW

    Check this BASIC POST 12.

    Regarding marriage, it is preferred to have intention that your daughter and your would be son in law should be best and deserving partners for each other in marriage.

    Also here the energy receiver is your daughter, you haven't mentioned about her wish. She is a student i guess, based on my personal experiences with VK, i have observed VK does the best for energy receiver.

    So VK will take care of her wishes.

    We say best and deserving because it includes all parameters not only job for a couple to be joyful in marriage.

    And keep intention for both as the person who marries her , should also get his deserving partner through your daughter.

    As a mother you may define certain traits for her partner, your daughter may have a different picture of her own life, so its important to intend best deserving for her and leave on the wisdom of VK.


  • Respected mam,

    Even yesterday one groom came.
    Everything was ok....
    See we have planned everything like engagement date, marriage date yesterday itself but today morning unfortunately they said they are not in mood to marry now.

    Yesterday I enquired my daughter's intention completely

    She replied whatever you do will be best for me..,

    So nothing to worry with daughter's intention.

    But there is a delay.....
    With no reason.......
    I seek ur blessings and guidance........
  • @Ahila

    Please check the above comments. Also Request VK to bless you with patience.

    If a person is not in a mood to marry, will he be in mood to live his marital life fully ?

    Lets change the thought process, give gratitude to Divine that he showed you the true picture well on time. He must be a good guy but not ready to take marriage life at this moment probably.

    Look at what is positive rather than feeling sad about it. I understand your concern but look what VK did for your daughter with regards to this groom.

    If you feel why and why with no reason.....the reason is that he is not for your daughter.

    Its not unfortunate, its good luck....the person who is not for her, is leaving her life.

    You are already blessed with VK, just follow the signals it gives !!

  • Thanks..., =)
  • You are great
  • Showed me perfect way to be happy
  • Please bless my daughter
  • @Ahila

    GOLDEN SUNRISE LOVE AND BLESSINGS to your daughter, May she get the best deserving partner for her marriage now forever.

    Please give her ALPHA WOMAN SERUM and BEAUTY SERUM regularly.

    Also give her STUDY SERUM and MOOD UP SERUM to cope up with studies along with marriage proposals.

  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher : Thanks for your inputs mam.. I am requesting in my own words " VK GOLDEN SUNRISE PLEASE MAKE WAY FOR THE BEST DESERVING PARTNER FOR MY BROTHER IN MARRIAGE NOW NOW NOW" as the same way you have mentioned in the above post.. Should I say now or now and forever please guide..

    Thank you
  • @anuchoco
    please request "NOW" the marriage proposal is needed now only.
  • @anuchoco

    Adding to Puneet's guidance

    If intention is placed for relationship it can be NOW FOREVER for marital togetherness lifelong.

    Some people connect with partner relationship in marriage so they can place an intention with NOWFOREVER.

    If the intention is getting married as an event with a best deserving partner it can be NOW.
  • @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher and @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher
    Thanks for the inputs..My parents are looking for matches for my bro so im placing request in this way
    "VK please make a way for the best deserving partner for my brother in marriage now now now"
    How many times can i place a request in a day as his marriage should be done in a very quick time

    Thank you
  • @anuchoco ji
    Yes you can request this 6 or more time.
    You can also send GOLDEN SUNRISE to the marriage proposal.

    Also watch this Relationship Combo Video by @SharatSir for marriage
  • @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher :Thank you so much for the response ji
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