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With Divine VK everyday is a learning and miracles!!! Tenant agreed to vacate premises

Recently my father has disputes with new tenant who didn’t give complete advance or rent, things got messy when the tenant challenged my father of dire consequences and also will not vacate the house by approaching Police. I used to send All Clear Serum and GOLDEN Sunrise to the situation but situation was tensed, due to festival it was getting delayed and finally when we visited the police station for resolution I remembered @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher ma’am words of sending the healing and keeping aside Divine VK since sometimes Divine VK as an intentional tool keeps reading our intention and sends out energy to the current intentions. In two thirty minutes of sending energies, I got call from my father things settled amicably and tenant agreed to vacate and also to give rent until then. Police person and tenant who was aggressive in beginning, had calm conversation and also apologized for making things complicated.

My humble gratitude to Sharat Sir for giving us Divine VK and forum in which we get to learn everyday. This is more like Divine connection than just forum wherein we get solutions for every challenges in life. Special thanks to @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher maam who selflessly give advices even if if we VK manual and so many tips.


  • @girichander ji wow beautiful
    Thankyou for Sharing
    Your every VK experience is so inspiring and increase confidence with divine VK.
    Gratitudes @SharatSir
  • @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher ji Thank you for thanks and surely our multi fold gratitude to Sharat Sir.
  • @girichander

    WOW. GOLDEN SUNRISE. Thank you for sharing your experience in detail. Motivating for all. Thank you for your thanks.

  • @girichander I read your above experience.... I can understand how those days would hv been really .we are blessed with Divine VK and lots of gratitude to Sharat sir for bringing Vk guru in people's life...we are facing the same issue now where the licensee is not vacating the flat nor hv given rent since 5 months and he has now sent letter through lawyer that v r Harrising him and he has paid rent on time till date and hv filed the case in court against us ....infact we had given him notice where v gave 4 months time to search new house....we are in complete stress...I m using n number of cosmic energy , giving direct request , doing EFT but somewhere due to the fear of court I m getting distracted from whatever i m requesting VK...I hv lot of faith in VK coz I hv many good experience through VK he has healed me and my family health issues many In this licensee matter I am feeling little weak and I feel I m not using right method or giving right request to VK... please guide me what exact I should request to parents are very senior and I want to make them free from this tension....I keep talking to VK that please help in this matter????
  • @G77777
    Do share your experiences how VK helped you and your family last 3 yrs on separate new post. It will be inspiring for others. Make this forum live with experiences.
  • My moms Lower back pain problem had started lastyear just before the lockdown imposed and she could do only few physio sittings...after that she couldn't go due to lockdown and she being senior citizen I didn't allow her to step out...I used to do vob technique where she was hvng pain along with golden sunrise and paincare serum and use to say heal her now and forever... whenever I used to do this she used to feel better and then she only started asking me that please request VK whenever she used to feel pain or any issue in her health...infact I give vk to my mom she holds it she tells whatever I tell her to say to VK and she feels the change...I feel so happy at that time and I thank vk too ..this way I keep requesting VK for my and my families health and vk has really helped me...VK is not a tool for me . .I chant Guru Mantra for vk coz I feel he is Guru for me???? @ Rakhi mam please help me for my licensee above matter please guide me as I don't know mam I m feeling weak and feel like giving wrong request this type of matter me or my family has never faced and we want to get rid of this peacefully without getting dragged in legal matters..i m definitely requesting my Guru to show me path and to create a win win situation for us.
  • @G77777

    Thanks for sharing your one experience. Keep sharing i am sure you have many more from last 3 years. Will wait to read your other experience on a new post.

    You can use VK Tip 8 for your current situation and surrender to Divine.
    You can follow the girichanders experience and keep requesting to VK.
    Read about SHIELD OF 7 RAYS on litairian website.

    If he has paid rent ask him to show the proof, some bank transaction of his payment.
    Generally tenant will not file such court case. Think from his angle what made him do that.
    For court cases check the VK tip section, you will get more ideas.
    Maybe in current Covid situation he is not able to find a new place or relocate. You can choose to solve this amicably rather than getting into court.
  • Thank you Rakhi mam????shall go through VK Tip 8...I shall share the experience mam.
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