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With Divine VK everyday is a learning and miracles!!! Tenant agreed to vacate premises

Recently my father has disputes with new tenant who didn’t give complete advance or rent, things got messy when the tenant challenged my father of dire consequences and also will not vacate the house by approaching Police. I used to send All Clear Serum and GOLDEN Sunrise to the situation but situation was tensed, due to festival it was getting delayed and finally when we visited the police station for resolution I remembered @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher ma’am words of sending the healing and keeping aside Divine VK since sometimes Divine VK as an intentional tool keeps reading our intention and sends out energy to the current intentions. In two thirty minutes of sending energies, I got call from my father things settled amicably and tenant agreed to vacate and also to give rent until then. Police person and tenant who was aggressive in beginning, had calm conversation and also apologized for making things complicated.

My humble gratitude to Sharat Sir for giving us Divine VK and forum in which we get to learn everyday. This is more like Divine connection than just forum wherein we get solutions for every challenges in life. Special thanks to @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher maam who selflessly give advices even if if we VK manual and so many tips.


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