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VK Success story: Aligning with VK in stress & anxiety and speedup healing


Last one week I was literally not able to heal any situation with VK and other modalities. Even though I do mudra meditation every day the situation was not so great. :'(

It was like too much self judgement and mind clutter. I was giving too many requests to VK for healing in just intervals of 5 mins. The manifestation was almost stopped. :'(

This week I am back with the good vibes. And alignment with VK is good. I am back to my manifestation speed. B)

So, it struck my mind to do the retrospective of why sometimes manifestation is fast and other times it didn't work. I realized that there was too much of stress and anxiety which was keeping my mind busy & cluttered. Which was reason for missing alignment with VK & other modalities.

I listen to lot of motivation speeches and TED talks in YouTube during daily commutation to office. On Friday evening when I clicked for the next video, it landed up in TEDx talk about BREATH. It opened whole new door for me and gave a sense of how much it is important.
Breath -- five minutes can change your life | Stacey Schuerman | TEDxChapmanU.

I started practicing this exercise and it grounded me fully into my body instantly. I was in blissful state.

And with this I am back to good vibe and alignment with VK is restored. :3

So, if the healing with the VK is not working for you then one of the basic thing is to start practicing the Breathing exercise to ground to self and connect to self and calm down.

My personal suggestions that, some of the posts when I read in forum, get the sense that people are stressed out and anxious. This makes achieving results with VK challenging. Start practicing the simple breathing exercises 5 to 10 mins until you feel the peace and put request to VK for better results.

Best regards,


  • @Chetandurdi

    Amazing. Loved your way to self analyse and get the solution. I think VK was sensing your anxiety and it led you to that video to make you peaceful and back in action.

    Thank you for sharing. Its a motivating and learning VK experience.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts
  • Wow truely inspiring VK experience @Chetandurdi ji
    Thankyou for sharing, sometimes we are trying hard while being calm and relaxed is the key.
    Your experience will motivate many VK users.
    Golden Sunrise to your efforts.
  • Sometimes PAUSE is necessary rather than STOP.

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