Guide me with my doubts Regarding VK...Lama fera Pranic Jogging Dancing

Golden Sunrise to all
Dear Guides and angels I have purchased vk 6 months ago and I am very happy with it there are few doubts that I want to solve like

1) If we charge water with a full Session of pranic healing or reiki then every time we drink a gulp or sip will it be considered as full session or when we drink the whole bottle then only we will receive full session of reiki or pranic healing

2) One more thing
Can I send to my father 5 healing sessions in single time in direct request like

a) Vk plz activate to give my father full session of
Lama fera×3 &
Reiki ×3 &
Magnified Healing × 3 &
Pranic healing×3 &
Karuna reiki ×3
Now for heart blocks


b) Vk please activate to give me energies of
Running ×3&

Can I do this with water charging method also
Can I do so plz guide me

3) how to request Vk to help me any work like decision making or problem solving or organizing my house etc


  • @Krishnaguntupalli

    Ans 1 One sip or one bottle at a time is one dose irrespective of the type of energy or amount of water.
    Please do read BASICS OF VK post 24 for full understanding
  • @Krishnaguntupalli

    Ans 2 Please explain how each of this healing will help
  • @Krishnaguntupalli

    Ans 3 What is the purpose of taking effect of 5 physical activities at same time

    What effect are you expecting with VK mimicking all these activities in one request.
  • @Krishnaguntupalli

    Ans 4 You can simply request VK in your own words.

    You can check VK TIPS section you will get more ideas
  • Rakhi Mam

    Thank you for your quick reply

    I want to take 5 energies at a same time
    to maximize effect and get faster results to reduce weight is it right thing to do

    I want to give five healing modalities to my father can I give it. is it okay to do so

    I want to give these energies to heal my father heart blocks problem
  • And 1 & 4 is clear for me
  • @Krishnaguntupalli

    Thank you for your thanks.

    Pl answer my question what healing effect are you expecting from each healing modality.

    Also Please read VK BASIC POST 20 ...when we mimick other healing modality we should know what effect it will produce.

    As this is a participative discussion ....we will ask questions too.Its a participative learning for all.

    Regarding your weight healing....i think no one would do all activities at same time....if you are going to take effect of all riguorous activities together please request VK with intention of safety and security.
  • Soory mam for late reply due to my father heart blocks he has severe pain in his heart I want to reduce the pain and his suffering
    That's why I wanted to know can I give him multiple healing modalities at once
    He never believes in energy healing that's why I can't give him water charging so I Send energy through direct request only
    I will read Vk basic post 20 ASAP

    I was not able to save the link that's why I didn't able to comment but now I requested vk that's why I was able to find it easily
  • The effect I want with healing modality is to cure his pain and suffering

    Can I completely cure him
  • @Krishnaguntupalli

    Please check this VK TIP 48 for heart blockages....

    And you can also read my Testimonial article, VK Tip 48 is based on this.

    Regarding mimicking, i asked you how each of the healing modality that you mentioned in 1st comment will help. If you know the effect , you can explore mimicking.

    I would personally stick to Cosmic Serums and VK TIP 48. Maybe if you wish, you can explore mimicking 1 or 2 healing modalities from your post with safety and security intention.

    You can charge the main drinking water tank at your parents house with energies as per VK TIP 48. You need not tell them about healing if you feel. Check BASIC POST 24 on water charging method.

    Regarding your question, "Can i completely cure him". Here we are only requesting VK, VK is the one who is healing. Just keep the intention to VK to do the best for your father and allow the energies to work with wisdom from VK.

    You can bookmark your posts or use SEARCH option, type your own user id in search, you will get all the posts by you. This is for easy tracking.

    You can take MOOD UP SERUM to cheer yourself.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts.

  • I am very grateful Rakhi mam for your prompt reply and excellent tips Thank You
    Thank You Sarah Sir also for VK
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