My travelling experience with VK


I have to go to my working place on a two wheeler for about 24 kms...on the way i have to cross two railway level crossings.

I request VK to activate SO7R when i start at home...on the way i chant "VK please clear the traffic for us now."
When the traffic is cleared i chant VK please bless, help,protect,guide and guard me NOW FOREVER. till i reach my place.VK helps me in driving by clearing the traffic miraculously.

I continously chant to divert my mind from unnecessary thoughts.

One thing which surprises me is i forget chanting this when i reach my work place.
In the evening again VK remainds this two sentences for me...

With VK now i am having a tensionless journey

Thank you Sharath Sir
Thank you VK
Thank you all VK teachers.


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