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VIBBES SEEDER Experience Suicidal thoughts replaced with hope n peace

edited January 2019 in VIBBES SEEDER
Golden Sunrise
I am a Vaastu Consultant with practice of 19 plus years.
My clients house was full of heavy tantrik Kriya energy and entities .
It was causing all kinds of trouble to them. Suicidal thoughts dominating mind of husband and no hope to live.
I installed VS after thorough diagnosis which showed Vaastu, Bhoomi Dosh and physical evidence of black magic in their room.
Family follows tantrik but I told my client to atleast install VS in their room. They agreed.
After I installed VS , I prayed for their family for few minutes and every one prayed along with me.
After 3 days I got msg saying that there is feeling of peace and suicidal thoughts are going away. The room feels like place to relax.
They were surprised how peace came in.
I told them that tantrik energies are fading away n cords connecting to their room is cut off.
They are living with hope for better life.
Thanks to VS and Sharat Sir.


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