multiple health issues....WBC Heart blockage cholesterol stroke paralysis

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One of my family member is suffering from many health issues.WBC is very high.crossed all levels.Heart has blockage.n chakkar akar gir gae the .it was vry serious as could have suffered paralysis stroke.Cholestrol is too high.Can just mahamritunjay mantra help?i have to heal faster.Please suggest appropriate healing specially for WBC reduction faster.I will send heart serum as well


  • @Kari

    For such persons, HEART SERUM is a gift from Sharat Sir.

    In emergency, one can use energy of CRATAEGUS, this helps to prevent clots and strokes.
    It is a homeopathic medicine and VK mimics it very well. BRAIN SERUM can be given regularly.

    In any critical health condition, MAHA MRUTYUNJAY MANTRA and BALANCE SERUM can be used without any second thought.

    You can please send these energies every 10 mins in emergency and help the person for his/her best.

  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher Thank you mam for your help
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