Mother Earth Energy for grounding

Golden Sunrise
This is a suggestion. Request vk to connect the body to the purest energy of Mother Earth and see change in the Body language and lightness in the mind. This is very powerful grounding technique. This technique will also help to clear road traffic for you. Try it n see.
Thanks VK and Sharat Sir


  • GOLDEN SUNRISE @ShivaPrakkash,

    Thank you for sharing the tip.
    I used the first method to connecting to mother earth and grounding experience is really amazing.

    How to use this for clearing the traffic? Should we ask to connect our vehicle to mother earth before starting the journey?

    Best regards,
  • @Chetandurdi

    Thanks for sharing your experience.
    VK children i know just hold VK and say GOLDEN SUNRISE CLEAR TRAFFIC and rotate VK in the air towards the road and i have seen it happening.

    I myself also request like this VK GOLDEN SUNRISE CLEAR MY WAY TO REACH ....PLACE NOW...and traffic starts moving can experiment and share
  • Rakhiji, I experimented with above method mentioned by you and it works.

    I was curious to get the method mentioned by @ShivaPrakkash .
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher hope we can charge water too requesting VK ma to charge with healing energy of Mother earth doing grounding

  • Golden Sunrise
    Dear Chetandurdi when we connect to purest Energy of Mother Earth , there is a balance in our Energy field. Mother Earth Energy is very much capable for fast movement on this Earth plane. So our movement on the road is very smooth and safe without any hurdles
  • Dear Chetandurdi ji you can connect every physical thing to Mother Earth Energies and experience what happens after that.all the best
  • @Chetandurdi

    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Grounding is done for humans for various reasons including connecting ones own energy centres with higher source ie Mother Earth, to be in reality, to be in present moment, for spiritual and physical connection and much more.

    We can simplify healing while we use if o want to drink water i would just take water from home filter and drink it if its that simple. I will not think of should i do a chemical reaction between oxygen and hydrogen and see if i get water and then see the taste or quenching ability.

    Pl dont take me on a sarcastic mode. But i feel moving a car on traffic is very simple just with a simple request. We can explore VK and creativity for many more things.

    I would like to share my experience on this just today ...From office, me and my colleague had to go to a nearby place where there was no parking space. So we thought of a cab. There were many cabs but none agreed as there was a construction work going on the roads. One of the cab driver said it will take 90 min the traffic is so congested. We walked some 50 steps to main road to check the traffice. And i was shocked to see the vehicle mess. We had to go just 3 km and it was urgent and we couldnt walk as it was scorching heat in aftermoon. One cab agreed. So i just requested VK GOLDEN SUNRISE just clear the traffic and reach us to the place now. My friend was not aware and she made a statement so will it be 60 or 90 min ride. I told her i have placed request to VK.... you just wait and watch. And she was pleasantly surprised we reached the place in just 7 min. The traffic got cleared in a min of my request.

    Our vehicle is just a mechanical thing that we drive...there would be no grounding issues with vehicle in a traffic.
  • @ShivaPrakkash ,

    Thank you for giving more details.

    Yes, there are many simple ways in life and we try to complicate the things. One of the things I was missing was mentioning of NOW to VK with travel. I was putting my judgement of ideal time to reach destination. One more learning for me.

    Thank you.
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