My son wins competition with VK

Golden Sunrise Master @SharatSir
I share this experience for my son. I charged his water with energy of Success. I was reading testimonial of VK teacher @Barinder - Supportive VK Teacher on website and i got fascinated reading her experience with energy of Success from VK. She followed for her exam given by Master Sharat. My son was not appearing any exam. He won a competition higher level. It had more than 2000 participants only 150 selected in one creative project. My son got awarded and been among those 150 winners. It is proud moment for me and my wife for my son's achievement. I was charging his water with Study serum balance serum. He appeared for competition many times before VK but never won.few weeks back i added Success energy. We are so happy with VK bringing us success. Thank you Master Sharat for VK and VK teacher Barinder for sharing experience.


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