Quantum Jumping to Quickly Change Your Life (The Two Cup Method)


I have gone through the video shared by Sharat Sir. I have few questions on that:

  1. In ancient times before giving the curse, Rushis used water as medium. They use to chant the mantras and splash this water on the cursee. This is also validated by Dr. Masaru Emoto that Water Structure change with the using different words.

    In the 2 cup method, Soniaji has mentioned to think of all the negative emotions and feelings we may get holding the first glass. Is this method will not impact the person with those negative energy if the water is consumed without healing?

  2. Once we have thought of all the negative emotions and feelings of the situations and transferring the water to Glass 2, then how easy it is to start thinking positively for most of the people?

  3. If the person without feeling fully positive and drinks the water from glass 2, then will the negative energy not impact?

  4. Can we not use the VK with All Clear Serum & Golden Sunrise before drinking the water?



  • Golden Sunrise @ chetandurdi
    Water plays an important role in our life and for healing too.
    As your first question says.. ...when we switch to second glass that itself is healing water with all positive energy .People are already with negitive energy thats why this method can help them.
    2nd question...To switch from one state to another depends,varies from person to person.At times few seconds to few hours .This is one of ways for subconcious mind healing ,which is important for law of attraction to come in practice.One need to change their thinking process to get desired results.
    3rd question...They are already effected by their negitive emotions thats why they dont enjoy their life the way they want. Thats where they can apply this method .
    4th question...with vk we can release negitive emotions with direct request.we can use All Clear serum too.
  • Thank you Soniaji.

  • Wonderful
  • Regarding two cup method I want a clarification about one thing... That I we wish something for other person that time we have to drink that water or make that person to drink whom we are wishing for .... Say I want to use it for my daughter's handwriting... After bad handwriting to beautiful writing pouring the water to other class I will drink it or give it to my daughter to drink...

    Thank you
  • Golden sunrise@ dolly ji
    How old is your daughter.
  • She is 5 years old mam....
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