Healing Pain at lower back due to auto immune disease ankylosing spondylitis

Dear @SharatSir ,

I have been blessed with VK since more than a year now and have experienced many good outcomes with Divine VK's blessings.

The foremost reason I ordered VK was to heal my brother(Pratapvanu Rath) who is suffering from back pain due to an auto immune disease called Ankylosing Spndylitis.
My brother does not believe much in energy healing etc , but I have given him Cosmic Serum charged water and also placed direct request. I had given ******"Pain Care Serum", "Immune Serum", "balance Serum" and "Mahamrityunjaya Mantra".******
He is under homeopath treatment too which he responded well and his pain at lower back was not there.
but on and off he gets it.

I had stopped giving VK charged water when he was healthy and now again he is suffering from health issue.

Writing this forum post requesting you to advise us what to do more and please bless him. Seeking your help.

Please please please help.

Gratitude !


  • @Pusp


    Continue with the same healing with which you got results.

    When is chronic or critical illness like autoimmune diseases ...healing should not be stopped but continued for atleast few months even after you see results.

    Even for cold and fever cases we continue healing for few days even after results are seen.

    Always keep the healing intention HEAL NOW FOREVER

    Also share your VK experiences in category VK SUCCESS STORIES to inspire others who would be going through similar phase You never know with one post of your VK experience...how many will get motivated and hopeful.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts
  • Thank you @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher mam !
    Could you please guide any video of Sir which would be helpful?
    I can mimck it through VK in case my brother doesn't will to listen. Please guide.

  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher mam I wish to share that with cosmic serum charged water along with medication my brother is getting well. While asking within what should I do, I came across @SharatSir 's post of on Hanuman Chalisa. My brother used to/may be still believe Shri Hanuman Bhagwan.
    I am sending him energy of Hanuman Chalisha, Shri hanuman bahuka Stotram and Sundarakand/Ramcharit manas healing energy, along with Healing & blessing of Sita-Ram- Hanuman Bhagwan. I feel Hanuman bhagwan is really standing with him. And yes my constant worries for him also has decreased.

  • @Pusp


    Whenever you get any guidance from inside to send particular energy with VK, please follow it. Divine energies always help. All Gods are one, but we still connect to certain deities with their blessings. So when you send energy of Deities and Mantras with VK, the person will feel the blessings around him or her and it will uplift them.

    Do share your experiences with VK on this forum to motivate all.

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