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Wonderful Experience of Mimicking with VK of kinesis energy that is Aero-Kinesis

edited January 2019 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
Wonderful Experience of Mimicking with VK of kinesis energy that is Aero-Kinesis.
One month before I asked for mimicking of Aerokinesis from Sharat sir, through Golden Rajveer ji, they permitted me to know my intention.
I started sending Love Serum, One Soul Serum, Golden Sunrise, All Clear Serum with Safety and security and effect of energy of Kat's eye gemstone, to Environment of Planet Earth. From 20th Nov and got success in changing cold waves into little soft and worm feeling waves around me, now friends are mine are moving nearby me.
Now my view broadened, i started sending this energy to needy people on My Mother Planet Earth,in various parts. Now this is my wish to to do this daily very first thing as I wake up and then leave bed.
I request all VK user's let us form a group in the Leadership of Golden Rakhi ji to work together for this Noble Cause.
Millions Golden Sunrise to Sharat sir, for VK, Golden Sunrise to all VK Teachers/Motivators and Users and Divine Souls.


  • Wonderful doing @Shirish ji,

  • Golden Sunrise,and Divine Love to you Sir,from my bottom of Heart Always.
  • @Shirish ji


    Gratitude to your divine thought and actions.

    I am posting your original post here where you first suggested your Aerokinesis idea in Nov 2018.

    Thanks for sharing more. We as Team Litairian will take this divine thought and idea ahead to heal our Mother Earth on daily basis.

  • Golden Sunrise to support the thought. Rakhee ji
  • Congrats @Shirish. This is very motivating.

    Thank you @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher for making all these possible through your guidance. Thank you @SharatSir for everything. Thank you @Divine.

    VK is a blessing. I was treating my mother for her illness and stopped doing it for a while. Guess what, VK chose my mother now and made me give one of my VK to my mother. she is wearing it now and I can already see the difference in her.

    Dear @SharatSir, Could you please let us know whether you have any plans to initiate students for honing their gifts/abilities.

  • @Sajiv

    GOLDEN SUNRISE Thank you for your thanks. Blessed to be part of Sharat Sirs Divine mission for spreading joy to every part of the globe.

    Your question to Sharat Sir is not clear
  • Golden Sunrise to All VK users,divine soul Sharat sir.
    Your wish to receive gift, and recognition will be fulfilled by VK itself just Request,SAJIV.
  • Tq tq tq. Will do
  • Thanks for the reply @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher . I was asking whether Sharat sir or anyone in the team guides on honing the gift. I am working on some of my gifts and sometimes get confused due to external interferences.

    Thanks @Shirish. I will try as per your guidance. Just wanted to know whether you are able to do them without VK? have they become permanent? Do you mind sharing the request you placed with VK?

  • Golden Sunrise to Divine Shakat Sir,
    VK teacher Sanjay Roy sir,thanks for this Wonderful,Vibrating poem every time I see this space; gratitude to all VK guides.
  • Golden Sunrise;Sharat sir,Vk ji.
    Since last Few days I was trying to change,the incoming flow of dirty water to well in my house compound.with the help of kinesis energy By HYDROKINESIS.
    Yesterday finally got success by Requesting VK to By activating and giving HydroKinesis,So7R,for infectious water,protection from various negative elements,Love Serum and One Soul Serum to mother earth for healthy,fresh water supply 24x7, and Energy of Gratitude to Univers.
  • Golden Sunrise,to All motivators i could not tag my experience as VK Success heartfelt gratitude for Sharat sir,
    and Divine tool VK.
  • Golden Sunrise to Divine VK ,Sharat sir,
    All VK Guide.
    Since 1st Feb as per my commitment every day I am everyday paying gratitude to Mother Earth by activating Hydrokinetic Energy to earth for making abundant availability of Drinking water, and water related other issues.
    By activating Aerokinesis energy to Earth for abundance of Air to breath.
    By activating Geokinesis to Earth for abundance of valuables,mubarak,and Erosion free cultivable soil.basically i am a farmer's son.
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