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For fear and depression after losing a dear one

I got engaged recently. After 1 month my mother in law passed away. My fiance is very attached to his mom. He is now refusing to get married and he doesn't want to live normal life. Literally he is waiting for his death. I'm too afraid for his situation as he is not listening to anyone. He has married sisters but in current situation he is not thinking about anyone. He is only thinking about to meet his mother. He is very knowledgeable person and no one can beat him in argument. But in this situation he is behaving like child and not listening to anyone.
I'm using vk for him and sending "golden sunrise, maha mruthyunjaya manthram, shield of seven days, perfect health serum, mood up serum, love serum, one soul serum". But till now no improvement in his condition. He even asked me to leave him. I said him that i won't disturb him.
Please help me to recover him and make hime live normal life.
Please send him required energies to recover soon and realise the need of life partner.
Thank you.


  • @KrishnaPriya


    Which Cosmic Serum is there for healing depressed person and fearful person?

    Its also mentioned in LOVE SERUM article.

    Also use search option with keyword PAST HURTS , you will find a VK Tip on Past hurts....

    You should also take some energies for your mental balance

  • I didn't understand what you are saying. He is depressed and waiting for his death. He doesn't want to live. And he is not ready to get out from that pain. So we have to send energies to get him out from that situation.
    I'm doing it from my side and I'm requesting your help to send bunch of energies from our vk users'. Please help me
  • @KrishnaPriya


    BRAVO SERUM for fears

    You need to send these energies to him for his mental healing.

    What you have written in your question mostly for relationship healing. Here you need to help the person first to recover from his mental shock

    So please send him MOOD UP SERUM BACH FLOWER RESCUE REMEDY and BRAVO SERUM every 15 min for his mental recovery !!

  • Thank you for your advice. So first i need to use MOOD UP SERUM BACH FLOWER RESCUE REMEDY , BRAVO SERUM , and ALL CLEAR SERUM.
    I should use love serum, one soul serum later. Or i can use these serums too?
  • @KrishnaPriya

    If i would be in your place....i would use VK to revive a person from shock on priority with continuous healing of his/her mind first !!

    You can choose as you feel.

  • Ok i will use Bach flower rescue remedy, golden sunrise, mood up serum, shield of seven rays and maha mruthyunjaya mantra to heal him mentally.
    Thank you for your time and valuable advise.
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