On Cosmic Video by Sharat Sir

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Dear Teachers !


I had back pain and I watched Sir's Cosmic video to heal sciatica. I felt relaxed and something in me like vibrating.
But later part I feel drowsy with little headache. Is that fine?

Q#2: based on my issues to be healed I need to watch three Cosmic videos, can I watch one after other or need to give break?

Q#3: Is it advisable to mimck the energy of the video through the VK or need to watch it?

Kindly advise. Thanks !



  • @Pusp

    1. With high energy from video some ppl feel this. Nothing wrong. You can rest if you feel to

    2. If you are able to watch it ...you can...if you feel the way you have described in q 1...then take a gap as you feel.

    3. You can do either way as you wish.
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