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How to re-establish my part time work in fulltime +charity work,with VK

Golden Sunrise,sir.
Devine Love to everybody.
Since 2007 I was running some charity work like,some alternative treatments via Homeopathy,accupressure,sujok to people since 2015 everything is likely to stop I have vacated premises,and helping hands now doing their works,i was paying them some from my salary some from donations.
We we were running school also,but I am at home lost the hope to re-establish the whole scenario again to payoff my duties to society.


  • @Shirish ji


    Great thoughts and initiatives for noble cause

    What help to do want to reestablish accordingly energies can be suggested
  • Want to re-establish cliniks with more successful way to feel useful for society of my people with more power and attitude.feel happy with people surround me
  • I have attended so many seminars and addressed them this is also a view,to become centre of these activities again.there must be some charm in life.
  • @Shirish ji


    And you can also request to VK in your words the above can connect to VK about your wishes frequently
  • Golden Sunrise,
    Rakhi ji I am taking this serum day one to activate my internal wish and power.there fore become more active to ask questions of different nature.
    Divine Thanks,Divine Love
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