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Vibbes Seeder Surroundings QUESTIONS

edited December 2018 in VIBBES SEEDER

Reading the article here: I found this explanation: "Please remember that wherever VS will be placed, it will give you same effects for the whole place covering up to 500 sq meters in the same postal address."...

I live in an appartament (57 sq. meters). In a building shared by other appartments WITH THE SAME SIZE. The building has 5 floors and 4 appartment by floor.

My question:

Once I place VS at home...

  1. Does my neighbors be benefitted by it's effect?
  2. Does my neighbors from above and from below will get the benefit of VS too?
  3. Once VS is it possible to change it to another room or it needs another re-attunement if I do it so?

I love the idea of helping my surroundings since in my building one of my neighbors is suffering from cancer, but I will understand if the answer is negative.

Many Thanks
Golden Sunrise



    VS is attuned to an address by Sharat Sir. Once attuned for an address will send 48 Powerful energies only to that address.

    It will send energies to all rooms in that address.

    Address means a single home irrespective whether its an apartment in a building or a stand alone duplex or bungalow.

    The neighbour houses or top bottom addresses/homes will not receive those energies from that particular VS.

    Each home or address would need a separate VS
  • Thank You very much, your answer have really answered my questions.

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