Golden Sunrise Image QUESTION

It has been a fantastic journey to me and my family since the arrive of Divine VK into our lives! I honestly mean what I've just said!!!

I have downloaded the Golden Sunrise Image here :

Please, I have some questions:

  1. Can I put this image under my mattress or under my pillow? Or is it made to be only against the wall?
  2. Would also be possible to put this image under a bottle of water and drink this "charged" water? Would this work?
  3. I'm using it as a wallpaper on my pc...does it work if I use it like that?

Basically I would love to know if this image would "infuse" its properties on the object that is placed over it.

Thanks for helping this Beautiful World to be a better place!!!!
Golden Sunrise NAMASTE


    You can Directly request your VK for the energy of GOLDEN SUNRISE and also Charge water with VK by GOLDEN SUNRISE and COSMIC SERUMS.
    Please read about VK in this link and do read other articles also on our website.

    You can place the GOLDEN SUNRISE IMAGE at places mentioned by you without a second thought.

    The article says against the wall in EAST to depict it as energy from SUN.

    I know many people who have posted the image at several places....laptop, mobiles, in each room of the house, various locations in offices....and they love and enjoy its energies.

    Some have made printed images on key chains, coffee mugs, water bottles......diaries, wallets , invitation cards , promotional materials and so on

    The image will have effect on all places if printed as given by Sir (without edits).

    You can mimick its energy too with VK or simply charge water with GOLDEN SUNRISE as mentioned by @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher using VK


    Do share your fantastic experiences with VK as a new post in category VK SUCCESS STORIES . You never know how many lives may change with hope and faith.

    The more we share our joy, the more it spreads and even comes back to us

  • Many Thanks Puneet and Rakhi (Certified VK Teachers) for the answers! I'm really glad to know that you are checking the forum to help us in our concerns.

    Rakhi, I'd love to say that I have read all the articles on the website and here in the forum before placing a question. I just placed the question because there was not a single mention about if the effects were going to be similar or if it was not going to have any effect at all if I used it under the water. Be sure that I charge water and everything around me with VK.

    I have the Golden Sunrise image placed everywhere in my appartment (entry, living room, kitchen, bathroom, pc, Iphone, etc) I have even made small sizes (without editing!) to give to as many people I know and meet ( I really do know a lot of people!).

    I believe it could have "some" effect, but I would love to know from you or from Sharat Sir who are really the real experts and that I believe have experimented or dowsed for it.

    I have read already the entire website and 80% of the forum posts and I'm writing down all the most important tips and suggestions for using VK. I have scientific and precise mind, that's why I need to have things clear before doing anything.

    Rakhi, you said: "Do share your fantastic experiences with VK" and Sharat Sir says: "use your creative mind"...I really believe in these words! That's what I just wanted to do. I hope now it makes sence my questions about the usage of the Golden Sunrise Image.

    Rakhi, aswell you said: "I know many people who have posted the image at several places....laptop, mobiles, in each room of the house, various locations in offices....and they love and enjoy its energies." these people enjoy the energies when using in this different manners (besides the wall) because it has an effect like the one I'm asking (the image infuse energies wherever it stays) or it's just a "mind" effect (which I understand is already an effect!) and they like what they "see"? I hope you understand this question.

    I have already many experiences to share here about Divine VK...I wanted to have the same with the GS Image by using in a creative way. However I don't want to waste my time with things that won't work and that's when I prefer to ask to someone who have tested it before and from there I will create imaginative ways to use it. I want you to know that If it just work by placing it against the wall it's fine for me!

    I believe it believe it "sends" and "infuse" energies, but it's peak is when it's placed against the wall in EAST! Am I right?

    I'm thankful to God to be chosen to be part of this family and carry such sacred and amazing tool. Thanks to Sharat Sir for to have accepted the mission of bringing this knowledge to our dimension and materialize The Divine Love in action and in the form of VK. It's a honor for me to be guided to be here!

    I apologize in advance if my words could sound too straight, but please understand that english is not my frst language and the nuances can be kind of lost.

    Again, Many Many Thanks

    Golden Sunrise


    Can you simplify your question in one or two line

    It will infuse its energy wherever its placed. As already mentioned in the article if its kept on rhe EAST depicts Rising Sun...

    I am from research background in medicine field.
    As a scientist my passion is to experiment and do conclusions. I do this with VK too. When i do my experiments i just take the base knowledge... my mind is free of doubts and results. And i conclude based on outcome. Same i do with VK....unbiased conclusive experiments.

    Before writing the article on GOLDEN SUNRISE IMAGE (GSI)...i did some experiments mimicking its energy with VK....and in one place i placed GSI and in second place i kept sending energy of GSI with VK....and i did conclude that it works ....there were financial opportunities received at both places.

    Many such energies work on people's mind....many successes are expressed through mind like what is confidence what is happiness....its all mind game. So in case of GSI it infuses energy to place where it is placed. It also infuses energy to minds of people who look at it.

    One VK user was meditating on this picture with VK. And he got a marriage proposal within a week. I just casually mentioned to him on phone call install this image in your room. He said meditating on this image with VK gives him full day energy.

    So here i say that do your own experiments and experience

    No experiment is a waste in science..its always a learning. In science energy is something which surprises us every moment....but one needs to be open to feel that....
  • I have placed the GS image in my previous house.. and could feel the positive energy in my home and also in me.. but after placing the same printouts which was used in previous house in my new house.. I dont feel the energy same ? Why is it so ??
  • In the same room i place twl GS pictures one in the est and the second in the north

    No probleme to do that ???
  • @Madhoo

    What is the difference in energy felt between the 2 houses?
  • i feel good energie after use gs picture
    in my home and my work
    But my question is
    In the same room can i put two pictures one in the est one in the north ???
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