How to trust the working of VK ?

Actually there are many VK users but still many of them lack trust on VK , they are always engaged in doubts of their mind . At times they leave the healing through VK because according to them the results should be there within seconds . The thing they need to do is take it as a challenge . Is it correct ? Are you ready the challenge that aapka mind aapko kitna bhi stop kare VK pe believe krne pe lekin AAP try zaroor kroge ? Let's promise ?


  • GOLDEN SUNRISE naina ji
    faith can move mountains but it cannot be created in a moment a day or two . One has to start faith by heart itself sometime experiences and feelings creates our faith more and more on something. We do not say to blind faith on VK , you should do some experiments .
    Dont do big experiments do small and little experiments in start for which you can observe small changes. These small experiences will boost more and more faith on VK and its divine powers. I am sure once faith is established it will never be demolished any way .
    VK is a scientific tool as you experiment you get result and when you get result you will experiment more and this will boost more faith on VK
    Here are some more scientific proofs to believe on VK .
    When you read about someones experiences it encourages us to experience more .

    whenever we go to watch a movie we read reviews from the people who have watched that movie .
    Before going to some holidays we read reviews about places and hotels .
    Before shopping or buying and electronic items we ask for costumers ratings and read reviews on websites.
    Here are VK users experiences shared in testimonials on our website.

    Having doubts is also healthy with VK. Such person would experiment more with VK and could have amazing experiences you never know.

    For some manifestations, we need to ask again and again to the Universe. The Universe wants to be sure that you really want it. If you leave it , Maybe you don't want it.

    Be like a child with VK. A child will STILL ask you for a chocolate, even if you don't give it for 2 weeks.

    VK is a magical tool to the extent that it will take FEW DAYS to build a HUT , but will take SOME MONTHS to build a BIG MANSION. VK will help you to ADOPT a child within FEW WEEKS but can help to DELIVER a baby only after 7 to 9 months, Allow VK to work for you.

    Also do your actions , follow your inner guidance. Like if you post a matrimonial ad, please meet the prospective partners. If you don't like one, meet the next next next till you meet the desired partner.
    In a business deal, make a best presentation, be in touch with the client.

    Don't believe on anyone blindly, not even Divine or VK. See the creations in Universe and believe in Divine presence. Same way have belief in VK by working with it but allow it to work !!!

    Read all the links for more clarity !!

    Thank You

  • Rakhiji i hope we can trust Divine or VK blindly ? Why should we not ?

  • GOLDEN SUNRISE Lakshika,

    Its a free will to trust anyone or anything .... be it Divine or VK. For VK don't trust blindly, do your experiments and enjoy the results.
    Do share your experiences with VK too...

    Thank you

  • Be like a child with VK. A child will STILL ask you for a chocolate, even if you don't give it for 2 weeks.
    Excellent Lines mam

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