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Fibroid issue

Golden Sunrise mentors.I am having fibroud from past one year.I am using Fem serum and ACS with VK.i had stopped using Care serum.Also i have done psychic surgery many times to my whole reproduction system.In between the size of fibroid had reduced.Now again it has increased.Where am i going wrong?Its not reducing.I write on paper and do psychic surgery


  • @Kari


    If there is more bleeding you can stop ALL CLEAR SERUM.

    You can increase healing frequency of PSYCHIC SURGERY.

    If size reduced means its working for you.

    If it increased it is probably because of increased negative emotions.

    You can additionally charged water with EFT TO ALL MY NEGATIVE EMOTIONS in addition to FEM and BALANCE SERUM.

    What was the reason of taking and then stopping CARE SERUM.

    Check your emotions....and heal that part of your life too....
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher Care serum is for i had started taking it.but once i had talked to sir.that time he said use only fem and i stopped taking it.On litairian website its written for fibroid so i was using Care serum
  • Its been a long time i stopped care serum.but psychic surgery dissolves fibroid normally.i dont know where i am lacking
  • @Kari

    As explained in above are accumulating negative keep healing

    And probably you are attracting more with focus on problems
  • Ok mam.Golden Sunrise :)
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