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VK Success : VK help to sell my Scotty at better price.

:star: Golden Sunrise to all

:smile: I am sharing my another VK Experience today.
I have sold my vehicle with help of VK and Cosmic Serums which is more than what i was expecting.
The exchange offer and nearby market were bidding lowest price.

:star: I started requesting "VK please activate energy to sell my vehicle at best price Now."
Also wrote this request on a paper and use VK to charge with Golden Sunrise, Total Wealth Serum, All Clear Serum, and Love Serum.

:blush: Yes within 1 week time I got a buyer online for more than my expected last price.(12 October)
Meanwhile I used 5 VKs and BOOST method by @SharatSir to create more healing energy and to speed up selling of my vehicle.

You can Read link for boost method with more than one VK

:heart: Gratitudes to Sharat Kumar Sir for VK and Cosmic Serums are so helpful in daily life.


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