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Spirit Beings

Both my daughter and granddaughter have had a problem with headaches for years. We found out in the last year that they are coming from a deceased spirit that wants them to be sent to the light or to give a message to a loved one. Anytime they hear of someone dying they come and give a headache till they get a response. The problem is I am the only one who can figure out the message and then of course get it to the family. Sometime it's been difficult if we don't really know the family and how to approach them. I'm not sure how you feel about this, but it is real, and once I started to do this, they pass the word around and more beings come for help. I just feel badly about the pain they cause my girls. They won't let up until the message is given. We have had some success by asking them to send a different signal of there presence beside a headache. I don't really want to turn them away as they have no other way to communicate and it does help their family.
What are your thoughts?


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