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VK TIP 101 : Navratri Day 9, Blessings from MAA SIDDHIDATRI, completeness, prosperity

:3 9th day of Navratri, worshipping MAA DURGA as MAA SIDDHIDATRI.

SIDDHI stands for ‘perfections’, while DATRI symbolizes the one who bestows all blessings for wish fulfilment.

<3 This form of Maa Dugra possesses miraculous power to heal the pain of devotees. She is calm and smiling, wearing red saree, and sitting on a beautiful pink lotus. Her right hands holding a mace (gada) and chakra; while her left hands are holding a scallop shell (shankha) and lotus.

She killed demon Shumbha and brought happiness.

:3 Maa Siddhidatri, symbolises completeness and prosperity.

According to various puranas, worshipping Maa Siddhidatri leads to the fulfillment of all 26 different wants and wishes (siddhis).

It is believed Lord SHIVA got all those Siddhis by worshipping Maa SHAKTI. With Her blessings, the half body of Lord Shiva became that of Maa Shakti, and therefore he was called as ARDHNARISHVAR.

<3 Gratitude to Maa Siddhadatri for showering blessings of supernatural powers to her devotees.

Gratitude to Maa Siddhadatri for blessing her devotees with knowledge and true meaning of life, abundance and prosperity.


Siddhigandharva Yakshadhyayha Surayaha Amaraya Api
Sevyamanasada Bhooyat Siddhidha Siddhi Dayani

Chanting this mantra helps to fulfil desires, prosperity and salvation.

Anyone can chant any of these mantras as per their inner guidance. If you love to chant, chant while wearing VK and request VK to enhance its effects.

VK can mimick energies of Mantras. You can also charge water with anyone of the Mantra or place a direct request to VK just with title of mantra

<3 Gratitude to all 9 forms of MAA DURGA for all the blessings received. <3


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