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VK TIP 99 : Navratri Day 7, Blessings from MAA KAALRATRI, brings death of darkness

VK TIP 99 : Navratri Day 7...Blessings from MAA KAALRATRI

On 7th Day of Navratri, MAA DURGA is worshipped as MAA KAALRATRI, one who brings death of darkness.

<3 The last 3 days of Navratri, Maa Durga is also worshipped as MAA SARASWATI, bestows knowledge and wisdom,

<3 MAA KAALRATRI, fierciest form of Maa Durga, has a dark complexion with untied hair. She has four hands, carries a scimitar and a thunderbolt in 2 hands, the other two hands are in giving protecting posture. She has 3 eyes, she breathes out flames. She wears a shining neckless.

<3 She puts end to ignorance. She is also known as Kali or Shubhankari as she always brings auspicious results to her devotees.

Two demons Shumbha and Nisumbha invaded Devalok. Lord Indra seeked help from MAA PARVATI. She sent Chandi to fight. Shumbha and Nisumbha sent 2 demons, Chanda and Munda. Chandi created another Goddess Kali to kill them. So MAA KALI is also known as *CHAMUNDA.

Raktabeej, another demon, had a boon from Lord Brahma, as soon as a drop of blood from his body, falls on the ground, another form of Raktabeej would be created. So MAA KALI started drinking blood of each clone of Raktabeej that she attacked and killed him.

<3 Gratitude to MAA KALI, for her form of ADI SHAKTI. She destroys the evil-doers and ends cruelty.

She blesses her devotees, removing sorrow and darkness from their lives.


Ekveni Japakarnapoora Nagna Kharasthita Lamboshthi Karnikakarni Tailabhyaktasharirini Vampadollasallohalatakantakabhooshna Vardhanmoordhwaja Krishna Kalratrirbhayankari

Chanting of this mantra is praising MAA KAALRATRI and seeking her blessings. It removes fear and evil forces. Gives confidence and divine protection.

<3 If you love to chant Mantras, do chant this mantra while wearing VK. Request VK to enhance its effect multifold to you.

You can also drink charged water as VK mimics energy of the mantra just with the title of mantra.

May Maa Durga bless all with courage and protection in all her 9 divine forms.


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